2022 Belleville, ON Municipal Election Candidates & Results

2022 election results

39.6% or 15668 of 39602 electors voted in this ballot, down from 42.87% in 2018 (14633 out of 34136).


Mayoral CandidateVotesPercentage
Neil Ellis (X)919459.3%
Mitch Panciuk565436.4%
Kyle Thomson6684.3%

Ward 1 – Belleville

Councillor CandidateVotesPercentage
Tyler Allsopp (X)769513.40%
Garnet Thompson (X)676711.80%
Chris Malette (X)652811.40%
Sean Kelly (X)605810.60%
Lisa Anne Chatten (X)43317.60%
Barbara Enright-Miller (X)40507.10%
Margaret Seu38216.70%
Kelly McCaw37346.50%
Carol Ann Feeney36026.30%
Nick Boretski32405.70%
Sarita Van Dyke29835.20%
Mike Benson16812.90%
Jeremy T. Davis16152.80%
Robert Labarge11622.00%

Ward 2 – Thurlow candidates

Councillor CandidateVotes%
Paul Carr (X)278141.7%
Kathryn Ann Brown (X)172725.9%
Bill Sandison167725.1%
Michael Clark4907.3%

Not sure what ward you live in? See the Ward 1 & 2 map.

School Board Trustees – Public

Trustee CandidateVotes%
Amanda Robertson (X)456025.4%
Erica Charlton (X)298216.6%
Christine Herrington280315.6%
Matthew Pinchuk259214.5%
Emma Travis212711.9%
Colin Duffy182310.2%
Evan Little10395.8%

School Board Trustees – Separate

Trustee CandidateVotes%
Anthea Murrell (X)108233.0%
Tom Dall (X)105532.2%
Osborne Noronha66420.3%
John Duggan47714.6%

School Board Trustees – French Separate

Trustee CandidateVotesPercentage
Michel Charron (X)Acclaimed

2018 election results


CandidateVotesPercentageCampaign Expenses
Mitch Panciuk5,23836.06%$35533.84
Taso Christopher3,68825.39%$23203.62
Egerton Boyce3,13221.56%$6689.13
Jodie Jenkins2,46917.00%$19864.05

Ward 1

Ward 1 – CouncillorVotesPercentageCampaign Expenses
Ryan Williams*6,16811.43%$18436.13
Garnet Thompson5,83910.82%$10922.17
Pat Culhane*5,59410.36%$6290.61
Chris Malette5,49810.19%$4192.08
Kelly McCaw4,9059.09%$8753.81
Sean Kelly4,7138.73%$2641.94
Tyler Allsopp3,8917.21%$4331.06
Carol Feeney2,9985.55%$3318.6
Paul S. Martin2,5674.76%$12553.31
Brigitte Frances Muir2,2284.13%$2868.48
Richard Black1,7443.23%$2690.71
Michael Graham1,6643.08%Not submitted
Danny Morrison1,6433.04%$3139.81
Jeremy T. Davis1,4902.76%$1266.05
Stanley Jones1,4072.61%$2564.57
Paul Bell1,0962.03%$6696.37
Curtis Hayes5270.98%Not submitted

Ward 2

Ward 2 – CouncillorVotesPercentageCampaign Expenses
Paul Carr1,97933.18%$4012.96
Bill Sandison1,20120.14%$4527.42
Kathryn A. Brown86714.54%$5591.3
Lisa Warriner80513.50%$1817.61
Nicholas Mulhall5859.81%$2170.75
Barry Robinson5278.84%Not submitted

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