Chris Malette – Councillor of City of Belleville, ON

Published , updated November 16, 2022

Chris Malette is a councillor of the City of Belleville. He was elected on October 22, 2018. As a councillor, he is a part-time employee of the City.

He is running for re-election to council in the City of Belleville in the 2022 municipal election.

  • Member Since: December 2018
  • Salary (2019): $30,851

Council boards/committees

  • Chair of the Green Task Force
  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee
  • Transit Operations Advisory Committee
  • Quinte Conservation Authority – Lands Committee
  • Hastings County Community and Human Services Committee
  • Hastings Quinte Emergency Services Committee
  • Cultural Exchange Committee
  • Lighting Display & Gateway Signage Committee


Diploma in Journalism, Communication and Related Programs at Sheridan College

Community involvement

  • Belleville Family YMCA board for 6 years
  • Member of the planning committee that designed and helped create Mary Anne Sills Park
  • Batawa Ski Racing Club
  • Honorary chair of the Y Strong Kids Campaign and Operation Red Nose
  • Board member of the Canadian Mental Health Association, Prince Edward-Hastings Branch
  • Life Member of the Belleville Bulldogs Rugby Football Club
  • Chair of the Green Task Force


Malette is a retired journalist who worked at The Intelligencer as a print news reporter, editor, columnist and photographer for the Belleville Intelligencer for 36 years covering the governments of Belleville, Hastings County, surrounding townships.

Voting history

Terminating the contract with the law firm of Integrity Commissioner Integrity Commissioner Tony Fleming and firm Cunningham and SwanAbs.Agreed To2020-08-10Link
Appointment of Tyler Allsopp to fill the vacant seat of late Councillor Pat Culhane.YeaNegatived2020-12-14Link
Hear a report from the ad-hoc committee tasked with recommending Jennifer MacTavish to fill the vacant councillor positionNayNegatived2021-01-20Link
Appointment of Tyler Allsopp to fill the vacant seat of late Councillor Pat Culhane.YeaAgreed To2021-01-25Link
Replace the current two ward system with four wardsNayNegatived2021-09-13Link
Deferred items be added back to the 2022 Capital Budget: one (1) sidewalk plow at $185,000.00 and one (1) zeroturn lawnmower at $19,000.00 to be funded through Development Charges Funding ($124,000.00) and Taxation ($80,000.00) NayNegatived2021-12-06Link
Farnham Road – Maitland Drive to (South of Wims Way) – Reconstruction – Phase 1 in the budgeted amount of $10, 600,000.00 be added to the 2022 Capital Budget.YeaAgreed To2021-12-06Link
Zoning bylaw amendment application by Juan Hernandez of 57 Octavia St. asking to continue his 24/7 community pit stop with eight vending machines.NayNegatived2021-12-13Link

2018 election priorities

  • Following the progress of affordable housing in the two newest projects to come on board for that segment – complexes on Sidney Street and Great St. James Street.
  • Strong proponent of a new west end YMCA for lands formerly occupied by the Belleville Agricultural Society. This will serve as a community hub for the city in an area long neglected for such services. I see this as a “Three P” partnership, involving both senior levels of government, the city and a significant fundraising effort by YMCA itself.
  • Would like to see and will address at my earliest elected opportunity, increase the portion of the money that the City receives from the proceeds of Shorelines Casino that is dedicated to “social programs” from 5% to 10%.

On running for council

“After more than three decades of chronicling the achievements, milestones and historic events and people that make up the city of Belleville, I have decided it’s time to get off the sidelines and into the game.”

On infrastructure

“Combined with casino funding, careful debenture financing is not the bogeyman system many describe it as. If done responsible and properly, we can maintain our city’s A and higher credit ratings while still financing infrastructure.”

On affordable housing

“Belleville’s All-Together Affordable Housing non-profit housing agency is now leading the implementation of a supported-housing model for those two buildings being built on Sidney Street. The model is similar to that of Toronto’s St. Clare’s charity. 

Mixing market-rate and affordable apartments is both a more sustainable way of offering affordable housing and “creates, in our sense, a more inclusive community.”

On sale of marijuana

“We need some immediate consultation with our police service to determine their concern, work out zoning restrictions (limit retail outlets near schools, for instance) and other mechanics of the issue.

Police ought to have major input into where and how we permit stores to operate in the city.

We need to be better prepared for when another major firm approaches with a viable business plan for cannabis production”

On waterfront development

“I believe it is a high priority, but one that needs broad public and private sector support before it can begin to be pitched to senior levels of government for potential funding.”

On user pay for police and transit

“User pay is not always the answer, but when you have segments of the populace clearly not having access to the same level of service as others, there is no other equitable solution.”


Declaration of a climate emergency for the City of Belleville. It accomplishes this city taking stock of every bit of carbon emissions we produce, every manner in which we can save use of hydro power and mitigate emissions.

Buying 8.4-acre portion of former Bakelite property for $3.15 million that, along with the donation of two adjacent parcels designated as provincially significant wetlands to the city by Osprey Shores developers Bernie Ouellette, Jerry DiRocco and Ian Brady, will serve as new greenspace including the extension of the Bayshore Waterfront Trail eastward.

2022 election priorities

What are your priorities for infrastructure investment?

Preserving additional green space

Putting forward a proposal to city staff to create a perpetual fund to buy additional greenspace to preserve natural areas.

Received a recommendation from Quinte Labour Council.

Issues & views

“We have spent and invested heavily in hard infrastructure in the form of roads, sewer and water improvements – upgrades that were and are sorely needed. However, for too long we have neglected our social infrastructure and that impacts on so many fronts, from policing and court costs to health care. It’s time to address the invisible needs of our community and its people.”

“There are things we can do to help encourage affordable housing, but it involves senior levels of government as well. I know how that works and I know that the municipality could advocate on behalf of affordable housing at the provincial and federal level.”

“Having worked with many social agencies in the city over the recent years, I have come to find our city is only as strong as those who need us most and how we treat them.”

Personal life

Chris Malette has two adult daughters, born and educated in Belleville and Stirling schools.


Electoral record


Ward 1 – CouncillorVotes%Campaign Expenses
Ryan Williams*6,16811.43%$18436.13
Garnet Thompson5,83910.82%$10922.17
Pat Culhane*5,59410.36%$6290.61
Chris Malette5,49810.19%$4192.08
Kelly McCaw4,9059.09%$8753.81
Sean Kelly4,7138.73%$2641.94
Tyler Allsopp3,8917.21%$4331.06
Carol Feeney2,9985.55%$3318.6
Paul S. Martin2,5674.76%$12553.31
Brigitte Frances Muir2,2284.13%$2868.48
Richard Black1,7443.23%$2690.71
Michael Graham1,6643.08%Not submitted
Danny Morrison1,6433.04%$3139.81
Jeremy T. Davis1,4902.76%$1266.05
Stanley Jones1,4072.61%$2564.57
Paul Bell1,0962.03%$6696.37
Curtis Hayes5270.98%Not submitted


Website – no
Contact form – no
Email – no
Phone – no
Facebook – no
Instagram – no
Twitter – no
Reddit – no

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