Nick Boretski – Candidate for Councillor of City of Belleville, ON

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Nick Boretski was raised in Belleville, ON and is running as a candidate for councillor in the City of Belleville in the 2022 municipal election.

He attended Nicholson Catholic College (high school) in Belleville.

He has documented the considerably renovations he has done to the curved, aircraft hangar-like building he owns at 109 Cedar St on his Instagram account. He also owns the house next door and bought a vacant lot on Cannifton Rd that he hopes to sever in half and build a side by side semi-detached.

Career and business interests

Manager of Boretski Roofing.

2022 election priorities

  • Develop up to 30% of Zwicks park for retail/commercial development
  • Relieving building restrictions to make it easier for developers to build homes
  • Relocate Service Ontario to a new location that provides free parking

From his announcement on social media:

My roots will always be in Belleville. I grew up in Belleville and have always felt a special connection to our ‘Friendly City’. Over the past 10 years I’ve been a local business manager; proudly providing the services of Boretski Roofing to individuals and businesses across the region. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, and coming to know, many different people here, and I can honestly say our city is a special one.

I have a deep appreciation and affection for Belleville. It’s more than just a pit-stop for tourists on their way to The County. The City of Belleville has untapped potential to become a destination in and of itself.

  • Advocate for more open discussions to create new/improved down payment programs for first-time home buyers.
  • Address the urgent growing need for additional housing by relieving some building restrictions to make it easier for developers to build homes in Belleville.
  • Work in collaboration with investors to build additional low-income housing, such as offering tax exemptions to incentivise low-income housing developments.
  • Showcase Belleville’s waterfront within the downtown core by phasing out waterfront parking and building a new parking structure on Pinnacle Street.
  • Establish future plans to relocate Service Ontario to a new location that provides free parking to help eliminate some of the daily congestion within downtown Belleville.
  • Create a public swimming area at Zwicks Park by building a dock/boardwalk system or small sand beach. This would also create additional opportunities for local businesses to be showcased, like pop-up restaurants
  • Revisit discussions surrounding future retail/commercial development at Zwicks Park while preserving 70% for green space. This initiative would support the economic and tourism growth required to fund long overdue affordable housing projects.
  • Recidivism in Ontario is a vicious cycle, largely due to the lack of housing for reformed individuals. Developing housing supports for them within the community will be vital for reintegration and lowering crime rate.

Political views

Boretski has not officially stated his political views, but on Facebook he has shared:

  • a post of rooting for Dr. Leslyn Lewis for leader of the federal Conservative Party
  • a video from NumbersUSA, an anti-immigration organization in the US.
  • a video of Kevin O’Leary stating that inside of socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez there is a capitalist screaming to get out

Personal life

His father Tom Boretski is the owner of Boretski Roofing. His mother Marina Boretski who was raised in Belleville owns Boretski Gallery on Front Street. Both businesses are run out of 300 Front St, Belleville which the family purchased from the city in 2002 and renovated.

Marina is the third generation of Yeotes family to own a business in downtown Belleville. According to her, his father “is always looking for a building to buy and he likes to do restorations and take something from near ready to tear down to build back up again.”

Boretski’s grandfather William J. Yeotes “Bill” owned AQ Financial in Century Place and his great-grandfather James (Jimmy) Yeotes owned Uptown Billiards, after immigrating to Canada from Greece in 1936.


Over to you

What do you think of Nick Boretski as a councillor candidate for Belleville?

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