Tyler Allsop – Councillor of City of Belleville, ON

Published , updated November 16, 2022

Tyler Allsop is a councillor of the City of Belleville for Ward 1. He for town council unsuccessfully in 2014. As first runner up in the 2018 election, he was added to city council to replace the late councillor Pat Culhane in January 2021. As a councillor, he is a part-time employee of the City.

He is running for re-election to council in the City of Belleville in the 2022 municipal election.

Allsop speaks English, French, and some Spanish. He is an Ironman 70.3 Muskoka Triathlon Finisher.

  • Member Since: January 2021
  • Salary (2019): $30,851

Community involvement

  • Enrichment Centre of Mental Health Treasurer (2019-Present)
  • Community Cares Holiday Meal Cofounder (700 Christmas Dinners Served During Covid)
  • Doug & Henry’s 50/50 Fondo for Mental Health (Provided Suicide Bereavement Counselling)
  • Belleville Bike Drive Cofounder (200+ Bikes Serviced and Donated in Belleville)


  • Prev St Lawrence College School of Business Program Advisory Board
  • Part of the group that successfully advocated for the construction of our Skatepark in 2008
  • Worked with the city to develop the Riverside Bike Park in 2015

2018 election priorities

  • Everyone should have access to affordable housing and a family doctor.
  • Promoting youth entrepreneurship, promoting events for youth and infrastructure projects specific to young people, such as a skatepark. 
  • Development surrounding the waterfront.
  • Explore bringing maintenance services under city control so that we are less dependent on and beholden to contractors.
  • Support strong regulations and clear oversight, while having the sale of recreational marijuana to be privatized. Offers consumers greater choice, as well as creating more economic activity at the local level.

2022 election priorities

From his website:

  • Housing Affordability & Homelessness
  • Intelligent Development & Growth
  • Protecting Our Environment
  • Upgrading Recreational Infrastructure
  • Local Workforce Development
  • Access to Medical Professionals
  • Minimizing Tax Increases
  • Active Transportation
  • Road Maintenance
  • Speeding


  • As a member of the Planning Committee I have supported smart development and densification.
  • Strengthen our Community Improvement Plan to support the construction of more secondary units in existing homes.
  • Continue to offer rebates for affordable apartment construction to increase the supply.
  • Proceed with Loyalist Secondary plan development area and increase approvals for new home construction.


  • I support a Housing First Strategy
  • By providing people with a stable place to live they can then build themselves up with the services that they need
  • Increase support to community programs addressing homelessness (Grace Inn, Shiloh 
  • House, Not Alone Team, Bridge St United)
  • Vocal supporter of opening the warming centre on every night basis over the winter (Achieved for winter 22/23)

Economic and Workforce Development

  • Work closely with Loyalist College to develop skills needed in our labour market
  • Bring more serviced industrial land online over the next 3 years ready for development
  • Create tools to track employee migration between sectors to create sector specific incentives and strategies
  • Continue to advocate for fair wages and increased benefits for employees to meet rising costs of living

Access to Healthcare Professionals

  • When the Doctor Recruitment Program was launched we had first mover advantage, now we need to innovate to stay on top
  • Supported the addition of Nurses and RPNs to the recruitment process as more healthcare professionals needed across the spectrum
  • Promote greater flexibility in contract negotiations to suit more varied circumstances and attract doctors who are ready to start practicing
  • Assess the promotion and advertising plan and retool as needed to be most effective in attraction

Municipal Infrastructure

  • Stay on top of our Strategic Asset Management Plan
  • Continue to prioritize road repairs on a greatest need basis
  • Assure that we have sufficient reserves to tackle large projects on the horizon (Water Treatment Plant, Pier, etc)
  • Extend servicing into for end of Industrial Park to allow for more expansion
  • Forge forward on Belleville East Arterial Road with Province

Recreation & Active Transportation

  • Use the Parks and Rec Masterplan as guiding document
  • Construct more outdoor sports courts where a huge deficit has been identified (basketball, tennis, pickleball)
  • Continue to promote new and innovative park ideas to generate tourism (Phase 1 of Bike Park under way now)
  • Link together our ad hoc system of Active Transportation Lanes including a connector between sidney and Moira along Hydro corridor (Proposed and budgeted)

Preserving Greenspace

  • Development is important but we must stand firm in our commitment to preserving green spaces
  • These lands serve as habitats to many important plant and animal species and contribute to the natural beauty of our area
  • We must preserve our rivers and wildlife corridors to allow animals to have safe passage through our city
  • Ensure that Provincially Significant Wetlands are protected and that development offsets are enforced so new developments are not encroaching on  eco systems

Environmental Sustainability

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from our vehicle and transit fleet
  • Create more energy efficient solutions for municipal buildings and manage energy more effectively within 
  • Install more solar panels and renewable energy generation on our municipal buildings
  • Crack down on illegal dumping and littering in hotspots around the city

Tax Rate Stabilization

  • Keep Reserves strong to help balance the tax rate when large expenditures are needed
  • Focus on assessment growth by continuing to build housing and serviced industrial land.
  • Responsible spending and budgeting accurately are paramount to keeping taxes in line
  • Ensure that Development Fees are appropriate so that new growth is paying for itself and helping to offset the costs associated with servicing and infrastructure needed to support development

Received a recommendation from Quinte Labour Council.

Voting history

Replace the current two ward system with four wardsNayNegatived2021-09-13Link
Deferred items be added back to the 2022 Capital Budget: one (1) sidewalk plow at $185,000.00 and one (1) zeroturn lawnmower at $19,000.00 to be funded through Development Charges Funding ($124,000.00) and Taxation ($80,000.00) NayNegatived2021-12-06Link
Farnham Road – Maitland Drive to (South of Wims Way) – Reconstruction – Phase 1 in the budgeted amount of $10, 600,000.00 be added to the 2022 Capital Budget.YeaAgreed To2021-12-06Link
Zoning bylaw amendment application by Juan Hernandez of 57 Octavia St. asking to continue his 24/7 community pit stop with eight vending machines.YeaNegatived2021-12-13Link

Issues & views

Personal life

Tyler Allsop lives on the West Hill with his wife Jennifer, 3 children and their Golden Doodle, Oakley.

  • Jennifer and Tyler met in March 2014 
  • Married in March 2017
  • Soon to be joined by Oakley (Dog) in 2017
  • Olivia in December 2019
  • Riley & Everly in May 2021
  • The Grandparents are Janine & David Allsopp and Linda & Doug Meagher
  • Allsop enjoys cycling, running, and paddleboarding. Recently did my first triathlon. Favorite foods include sushi, tacos, bbq, and curry.
  • I do my best thinking while walking around town.
  • Documentaries, comedy specials, and podcasts.
  • My favorite color is blue.
  • I don’t drink coffee and prefer showers to baths.

Electoral record


Ward 1 – CouncillorVotes%Campaign Expenses
Ryan Williams*6,16811.43%$18436.13
Garnet Thompson5,83910.82%$10922.17
Pat Culhane*5,59410.36%$6290.61
Chris Malette5,49810.19%$4192.08
Kelly McCaw4,9059.09%$8753.81
Sean Kelly4,7138.73%$2641.94
Tyler Allsopp3,8917.21%$4331.06
Carol Feeney2,9985.55%$3318.6
Paul S. Martin2,5674.76%$12553.31
Brigitte Frances Muir2,2284.13%$2868.48
Richard Black1,7443.23%$2690.71
Michael Graham1,6643.08%Not submitted
Danny Morrison1,6433.04%$3139.81
Jeremy T. Davis1,4902.76%$1266.05
Stanley Jones1,4072.61%$2564.57
Paul Bell1,0962.03%$6696.37
Curtis Hayes5270.98%Not submitted


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