Margaret Seu – Candidate for Councillor of City of Belleville, ON

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Margaret Seu

Margaret Seu is running as a candidate for councillor in the City of Belleville in the 2022 municipal election.

Seu is a Korean Canadian who came to Winnipeg on September 15, 1981 one of 100 people being sponsored by the Province of Manitoba out of the over 5,000 that applied.

A local businessperson and community volunteer, she says she will focus her candidacy on her commitment to building businesses in Quinte to meet global opportunities and to help the community transition to be fully inclusive and diverse.


Community involvement

  • Belleville Rotary Member


  • Board Member at the Mission Thrift Store
  • Certified Korean Interpreter since May 2018
  • President of Korean-Canadian Community Centre of Greater Eastern Ontario
  • Board of directors for The Federation of Korean – Canadian Association
  • Owner of several businesses
  • Financial Representative at Primerica Financial Services, Inc.* since 2007

*Primerica uses what has been described as a multi-level marketing strategy, with eleven tiers of representatives and recruiters selling financial products and services for commission[10][46] and has been described as a multi-level marketing company.[10][11][12][13] 

After arriving in Canada, Seu was soon the operator of her own convenience store, working from 6 a.m. until the store closed at midnight for 25 years.

I could speak pretty good for convenience store language, but when you’re out of the store, you have difficulty carrying on a conversation. You’re so busy running a business, you don’t really have an opportunity to improve your English.

I made a decision to improve my English, so that I can become like one of you, like a Canadian, I wanted to speak like you guys. I would like to fit in, I would like to contribute my talents, and my efforts in this society.

She attended Loyola Adult School of Continuing Education English as a Second Language (ESL) for a year and a half in 2012-2013 and with their help, Seu now speaks perfectly fluent English.

On running for council

A few persons active in the community mentioned to me they thought I had much to offer the City and Council. I was honoured by their comments and hope I can meet their expectations

2022 election priorities

From her website:

EV charging stations

Let’s be creative to meet new goals. Over the next term of Council the portion of persons purchasing electric or hybrid vehicles will approach 40%. Margaret looks to get more recharging stations near public parks, recreation sites, and local retail & restaurant businesses.

This will bring people travelling between Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal into Belleville and they buy things while they are here.

Seu herself owns a Chevrolet Bolt.

Help Belleville Transition to Positive Diversity

Belleville’s 2021 census shows 13% non white population and this will continue to rise toward the Provincial average in coming years. Our community needs to develop a successful transition by encouraging cultural celebrations and focusing on shared values of family and economic growth. Margaret not only represents diversity but has been a Provincial leader in building community harmony. Belleville will benefit from her experience.

Improved security in the downtown

There is hope ahead for the downtown with several modified commercial and new residential plans. But solving homelessness is a challenge. Margaret supports stakeholders – including businesses, mental health and police – developing an effective plan to improve security in the downtown.

Assist Business in the Emerging New Economy

There are several Quinte-focused economic planning and training initiatives that need to be re-energized after the pandemic. But this is a large and complex issue and Margaret sees much benefit in having local employers and staff develop better flexibility and innovation. Things like job sharing, family leave, mental health support, etc… can give us an edge in global competition.

Preserving Our Environment… Especially Water … in Response to Climate Change

The Moira River and Bay of Quinte are key to our local enjoyment and to our tourism industry. We need to strengthen our partnerships with other municipalities in Quinte Conservation and best manage this precious resource. Margaret commits to preserving the environment.

Seu noted a strong interest in being a city representative to Hastings County Social Services. “I understand much of the housing affordability issues after many years of property management experience”

Seu received a recommendation from Quinte Labour Council.

Regarding infrastructure investment

Personal life


Over to you

What do you think of Margaret Seu as a councillor candidate for Belleville?

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