Christine Herrington – Candidate for Trustee of HPE School Board

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Christine Herrington

Christine Herrington is running as a candidate for trustee of Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board in the 2022 municipal election.

Herrington has been a resident of Belleville for 15 years.


Community involvement


2022 election priorities

Herrington’s biggest concern is mental health. We need to make our mental resources available to all of our kids in our schools. They need to know they are not alone when they are feeling depressed or anxious. Especially the kids at the younger levels because they are basically being ignored.

Her child has had 3 lock and secures at her school in less than 6 months, but Herrington only received a message from the school about 1 of them. Without a notification, she would be worried about her child being almost an hour late getting home from school.

Herrington proposed a text system that parents can opt into to receive updates from the school.


I’ve been a resident of Belleville for 15 years and, like you, I love it here. That is why I want to contribute to making sure it is the best place for our children to grow into well-prepared members of society.

Children today are faced with challenges and obstacles unlike anything we’ve experienced before. In this rapidly changing world, it is often difficult for adults to keep up with shifting expectations. In many cases that pressure gets passed down to our children in ways that are unrealistic or unfair to them as individuals.

As a trustee, my goal would be to work with you, the school board and the other representatives to explore and action equitable options for learning, inclusiveness, comprehensive health & fitness with possible elective options, and mental health awareness and destigmatization.

Let’s create a better future for our children together.

Personal life

Herrington is married to Chuck Herrington, a Senior IT Analyst at Maxwell Paper Canada Inc. She has 1 child that attends school in the district.


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  • Phone: 613-827-5908
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Over to you

What do you think of Christine Herrington as a trustee candidate for Belleville?

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