Bill Sandison – Former Councillor of City of Belleville, ON

Published , updated November 16, 2022

Bill Sandison is a councillor of the City of Belleville for Ward 2 (Thurlow). He was elected on October 22, 2018. As a councillor, he is a part-time employee of the City.

He is running for re-election to council in the City of Belleville in the 2022 municipal election.

Bill and Christine and came to Belleville over 36 years ago, along with their young family, and have been residents here for almost 25 of those years. They live in Ward 2 (Thurlow).

  • Member Since: December 2018
  • Salary (2019): $30,851


  • Master of Business Administration at Queen’s University
  • SCMP (Supply Chain Management Professional) at Purchasing Management Association of Canada
  • CPIM (Certified in Production and Inventory Management) at American Production and Inventory Control Society
  • Traffic and Transportation at Canadian Institute of Traffic and Transportation (CITT)


  • Finance Committee Chair
  • Transit Operations Advisory Committee Chair
  • HPE Public Health Board (Finance Chair)
  • Protective Services Advisory Committee Chair
  • Centre and South Hastings Waste Services Board (Vice-Chair)
  • Committee of Adjustment
  • Community and Human Resources Committee
  • Hastings Quinte Long Term Care Committee, Planning Advisory Committee
  • Green Task Force
  • Economic Destination Development Committee.


  • Former Director of Supply Management at Nortel

During his 36 year career at Nortel he held a number of senior positions across supply chain management, strategic management, marketing operations and manufacturing operations.

Received a Certified Purchasing Professional designation from the Purchasing Management Association of Canada and a Certified Production and Inventory Management designation from the Association of Operations Management.

Since retiring from the workforce in 2007, Bill has been active in politics at all levels, municipal, provincial and federal.

He campaigned on behalf of Bill Fehr, the Provincial Conservative candidate for the Elgin-Middlesex-London (EML) riding and sat on the EML Federal Conservative Association Board in support of our Member of Parliament, the Honorable Joe Preston.

In 2010 he ran for city council in St. Thomas, Ontario and as a first time candidate, finishing 10th in voting among 18 candidates. The top 7 were elected to council using the at-large system of voting.

Voting history

Terminating the contract with the law firm of Integrity Commissioner Integrity Commissioner Tony Fleming and firm Cunningham and SwanYeaAgreed To2020-08-10Link
Appointment of Tyler Allsopp to fill the vacant seat of late Councillor Pat Culhane.NayNegatived2020-12-14Link
Hear a report from the ad-hoc committee tasked with recommending Jennifer MacTavish to fill the vacant councillor positionYeaNegatived2021-01-20Link
Appointment of Tyler Allsopp to fill the vacant seat of late Councillor Pat Culhane.YeaAgreed To2021-01-25Link
Replace the current two ward system with four wardsYeaNegatived2021-09-13Link
Deferred items be added back to the 2022 Capital Budget: one (1) sidewalk plow at $185,000.00 and one (1) zeroturn lawnmower at $19,000.00 to be funded through Development Charges Funding ($124,000.00) and Taxation ($80,000.00) NayNegatived2021-12-06Link
Farnham Road – Maitland Drive to (South of Wims Way) – Reconstruction – Phase 1 in the budgeted amount of $10, 600,000.00 be added to the 2022 Capital Budget.YeaAgreed To2021-12-06Link
Zoning bylaw amendment application by Juan Hernandez of 57 Octavia St. asking to continue his 24/7 community pit stop with eight vending machines.NayNegatived2021-12-13Link

2018 election priorities

On infrastructure

Develop a short-term, mid-term, and long range plan for each of the city’s two wards.

We need to lobby for and collaborate with both the Provincial and Federal governments, as well a third parties to leverage opportunities on funding.

In conjunction with the Ministry of Transportation, we need to create safe passageways for bicycles and pedestrians along Highway 37 and Highway 62 across Highway 401.

On affordable housing

Maximize the opportunity available on the Federal Affordable Housing program that will see $10 billion invested over the next 10 years.

Support Habitat for Humanity in Belleville.

On sale of marijuana

Belleville should be receptive to the employment opportunities and economic benefit that the cannabis market offers.

City should develop a plan that considers; input from the public, school boards, and other stakeholders; the location and concentration of retail outlets in any given area; and the compatibility within the area in which they are proposed – avoiding public school areas as an example.

On waterfront development

Implement a fair and balanced investment strategy across the Thurlow and Belleville wards. if the City of Belleville is going to invest $20 million across these areas; perhaps 60% should be spent in Belleville – $12 million and 40% spent in Thurlow – $8 million.

On user pay for police and transit

Calculating charges based on property assessment times tax rate for the services is unfair and unjust.

Police and fire services need to consider in relation to their primary function. The police service is primarily a people-driven service and the fire service is primarily property-driven. Two alternatives that may more fairly fund police and fire services are a flat fee model and a demand driven model.

Public transit needs to become all-inclusive, and should provide reasonable service to the Thurlow ward.


Over the past four years we have improved our balance sheet, increased reserves, had record capital investment and we did so with an average tax increase of 1.39%. Financial management underpins the growth of our city as we invest in infrastructure and services, while minimizing the tax burden on residents and business. We need to continue along this path.

  • Average tax increase of 1.39%
  • Road improvements throughout Ward 2
  • Expanded doctor recruitment program to include other medical professionals such as RN, RPN and PSW
  • Community Improvement Plan incentives, including affordable units
  • Provided financial support to Humane Society Hastings Prince Edward
  • Partnered with Habitat for Humanity

2022 election priorities

From his Twitter:


  • Road and infrastructure investment
  • Medical services
  • Social housing
  • Public health
  • Expansion of industrial park
  • Public transit
  • Financial management
  • Rural internet
  • Fire services
  • Regional collaboration

Issues & views

Prior his candidacy, he worked to improve our municipal government and support residents on a number of issues; opposition to a 30 unit apartment building planned to be built next to a roundabout, additional funding for long-term care, equal funding for playground equipment for Settlers Park, brought forward alternatives on fire and police services and highlighted issues on internal financial controls.

Sandison has been an outspoken advocate for increased transit in Thurlow – which is coming – he hasn’t let that drive impede efforts to expand transit westerly and southerly as well.

Implementing a fair and balanced investment strategy across Thurlow and Belleville.

Re-evaluate the city’s plan for growth, change existing financial management and processes; and strengthen the city’s executive management team.

A great deal more must be done to build more subsidized social housing stock in Belleville to answer a growing shortfall of basic shelter for those in need. It starts with identifying suitable land for the construction of additional housing units whether in partnership with Hastings County or as a municipality. We need to exhaust all funding opportunities to make this a reality.

Personal life

Following the sale of the Nortel Networks’ Belleville facility in 2000, Bill and Christine spent seven years in Calgary and St. Thomas before returning home to Belleville where they have two grandchildren, with a third grandchild a short distance away in Courtice, Ontario.

Electoral record


Ward 2 – CouncillorVotes%Campaign Expenses
Paul Carr1,97933.18%$4012.96
Bill Sandison1,20120.14%$4527.42
Kathryn A. Brown86714.54%$5591.3
Lisa Warriner80513.50%$1817.61
Nicholas Mulhall5859.81%$2170.75
Barry Robinson5278.84%Not submitted


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