Mike Benson – Candidate for Councillor of City of Belleville, ON

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Mike Benson

Mike Benson was born and raised in Belleville, ON is running as a candidate for councillor in the City of Belleville in the 2022 municipal election.

A transport truck driver for over 20 years, in January 2022 he made local news for leading a convoy through Belleville. Benson said it is not just about vaccines, but mandates governments put on Canadians that infringe upon their rights.

He said he would join a Canada-wide convoy next week that left the west and east coasts of Canada, heading to Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

2022 election priorities

From his announcement post on Tiktok:

  • The homeless – I would like to find out why we have so many in Belleville and what we can do to help them get back on their feet and off the streets. 
  • Housing – What we can do to make housing more affordable for people. 
  • Our kids – when I was a young boy there were lots of things in Belleville for us to do but now there is hardly anything here for the kids. If we want people to move to Belleville and raise their families here and their kids to stay here once they grow up we need to have something for the kids as well in place. 
  • Our elderly – I would also like to help make living for our elderly more comfortable and stress free because we know they have more than earned it.

Hi everyone, I’m happy to announce that I’ll be running in this fall’s election for a seat on Belleville city council. 

My name is Mike Benson and I would like to tell you a little about myself. 

I was born and raised here in Belleville Ontario. I have worked hard over the years to get where I am now. From doing factory work to driving transport. 

I’ve been married for 27 years with 7 children and 17 grandchildren. 

When I’m elected I will work as hard for you and the City of Belleville as I have for my family all these years. 

I look forward to meeting as many people as possible over the course of my campaign. 

I would like to have an open door policy for any and all people of Belleville. 

Because I work for you not the other way around. 

In closing, I would like to say that I will do everything within my power not to let the great people of Belleville down when I’m elected. Thank you for your time and for considering me to be part of your Belleville City Council. 

Yours truly 

Mike Benson

Political views

When asked who he voted for in the provincial election, his was response was as follows:

Personal life

Benson and his wife Lynne have been married for 27 years and have 7 children and 17 grandchildren.


Over to you

What do you think of Mike Benson as a councillor candidate for Belleville?

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