Robert Labarge – Candidate for Councillor of City of Belleville, ON

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Robert Labarge

Robert Labarge is running as a candidate for councillor in the City of Belleville in the 2022 municipal election.


  • Computer Support Service Technician at Academy of Learning College – December 2020
  • Residential Design Certificate – Loyalist College
  • Technical Mathematics Graduates Diploma – Belleville Collegiate Institute

Community involvement


  • Program Technician at Maxwell Merchant Solutions
  • Manufacturing Production Technician at P&G
  • CNC Machine Operator at Stegg Manufacturing
  • Computer Repairs (personal shop at my house)
  • Building custom cables (currently learning fiber optic networks / building cables)
  • End to End Supply Chain Management experience
  • Warehousing and logistics experience

2022 election priorities

Recruiting skilled workers

Manufacturers are hurting, needing skilled workers and begging for employees, which is destructive to getting new industry into Belleville.

We need to help [manufacturers] and it helps with the homeless and the housing issues that we have, because it will attract better paying jobs and with better paying jobs you have housing affordability issues starting to relieve.

I have a unique understanding of the manufacturing industry, unlike any other candidate. I know their processes, procedures and how they get things done. 

On recruitment of healthcare workers

Would like to see mayors in the area get together and perform a video to be displayed in medical schools with testimonials from doctors who have come here and how good life is for them here. We should be promoting those aspects of our communities – what is available for recreation, entertainment, how they can enjoy life with their families here in Belleville.

Personal life


Over to you

What do you think of Robert Labarge as a councillor candidate for Belleville?

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