Belleville Department Budget, Plans & Performance

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| Published , updated February 5, 2024

The City of Belleville 2024 Departmental Plans provide a comprehensive overview of past accomplishments, strategic objectives, operational
goals, key initiatives and budget projections for the upcoming year. These plans reflect the City’s unwavering commitment to transparent and
effective governance and serve as a roadmap for our continued efforts to improve service delivery to all residents.

Excludes City Boards (Belleville Police and Library) and various other external agencies.

Department Plans and their performance reports were first introduced in the 2024 Operating Budget. Performance will be published in 2024 once sufficient data is collected to accurately assess the department’s performance and provide meaningful insights.


Message from the CAO

I am proud to present the Departmental Plans for the City of Belleville. As the Chief Administrative Officer, I am honoured to lead a team
dedicated to the well-being and progress of our vibrant community.

Belleville is not just a City; it is a home for all who dwell within its boundaries. Our Executive Management Team is committed to fostering a
thriving and inclusive community, and these Departmental Plans serves as a blueprint for the strategic initiatives that will guide our City’s
growth and development through 2024 and beyond.

In crafting these plans, we have taken into consideration the diverse needs of our residents, the dynamic economic landscape, and the ever evolving challenges that confront municipalities in the 21st century.

Our vision is clear: to build a City that is resilient, sustainable, and responsive to the aspirations of its residents.

This document outlines key priorities and initiatives across various departments, reflecting our dedication to enhancing public services,
infrastructure, and quality of life. We recognize that effective governance requires collaboration and engagement with our community
members, businesses, and partner organizations. As such, we value input and feedback throughout the planning process.

From investing in infrastructure projects that enhance connectivity and accessibility to implementing sustainable practices that safeguard
our environment, the Departmental Plans are a testament to our commitment to a brighter future for Belleville. We will strive for excellence in every aspect, ensuring that our City remains a place where innovation thrives, opportunities abound, and residents experience an exceptional quality of life.

I invite you to review this document, understand our goals, and join us on this journey toward a more prosperous and resilient Belleville.
Together, we can shape a future that reflects the values and aspirations of our community.

Chief Administrative Officer Rod Bovay

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