Canada’s Housing Crisis – Causes and Potential Solutions

Potential solutions Non-market housing Co-ops, which are managed by residents on a cost-recovery basis are great. But paying down the mortgage doesn’t necessarily mean that it gets cheap. My co-op had to take out a large, multi-million dollar loan to pay off the existing, higher-interest rate balance on our previous mortgage and to pay for … Read more

Lobbyist Registries in Ontario

Lobbying is generally defined when an individual or group who represents a business or financial interest communicates with a public office holder in an attempt to influence a decision on governmental matters outside of normal processes, such as the creation, development, amendment or termination of any motion, bylaw, policy or program. In Ontario, the Municipal … Read more

Campaign Donations from Real Estate Developers to Municipal Candidates

In 2017 the Ontario government enacted the Modernizing Ontario’s Municipal Legislation Act in an effort to lessen the development industry’s influence in municipal politics. This legislation banned corporate donations to municipal candidates. Ottawa In Ottawa, since 2018 over 250 individuals connected to real-estate development companies donated over $500,000 to municipal candidates, seeming to indicate that … Read more

Questions to Ask Municipal Election Candidates

Here are questions we’ve collected over time from candidate interviews, surveys and email conversations which can be used as a reference or as inspiration when asking your local candidates or elected officials about their stances on issues or action plans to address them. If you do end up contacting your local candidates to ask questions, … Read more

Open Council Ontario Municipal Election 2022 Report

Open Council put together Wikipedia-like profiles of all of Belleville’s election candidates including the public school board trustees. These profiles collected all of the publicly available facts about the candidates from their own websites and social media, as well as from trusted third-party sources such as local news websites and linked to the source of … Read more

Operating vs Capital Budgets

As part of their financial plan, municipalities set the capital and operating budgets each year by taking into consideration their government-mandated responsibilities, maintaining service level standards and their community’s priorities. These documents are the blueprint that outline the where money will be collected and spent in line with the municipality’s priorities and level of service … Read more

When is the next municipal election in each province?

Ontario The next municipal election in Ontario will be held Monday, October 24, 2022. Check that you’re on the municipal voter list and update your information at and click here to add it to your calendar.

How to Run for Municipal Council in Ontario

Every 4 years on the fourth Monday of October, voters across Ontario decide who will represent their interests and lead their communities by electing the members of their municipal councils and school boards. Who is eligible? To be eligible to hold office for a position as councillor or mayor, you must be: as of the day … Read more