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| Published , updated February 9, 2024

Key Initiatives

Linear Infrastructure Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA)

The City’s Strategic Plan identifies the Environment as one of the main Strategic Themes of the Corporation. Development of a completely new
Consolidated Linear Infrastructure ECA system will require a robust set of policies, procedures, sampling protocol, asset rehabilitation programs,
and regulatory compliance for the safeguarding of our source water are key objectives identified as part of the Environment Theme.

There are many tasks (most with specified deadlines) included in the linear ECAs that must be completed over the next 3-4 years, including:
documentation of rated capacities of all pipes, pump stations, ponds, etc.; development of standard specifications to guide designers in
applications for approval; development of detailed operations and maintenance manuals; development of detailed Standard Operating
Procedures; development of Threat Assessment Report; preparation of Pollution Prevention and Control Plan; creation of a sewer model;
development of subwatershed and watershed plans; development of a sampling and monitoring plan; etc.

  • Timeline: 2023-2026 (10-Year Capital Rehabilitation Planning Development)
  • Strategic Plan Theme: Infrastructure, Environment
  • Link to Budget: Various 2023 Operating Issues ($810,000)

Assessment of System and Plant

The City’s Strategic Plan identifies Infrastructure as one of the main Strategic Themes of the Corporation. Development of a system condition
assessment program and evaluative tools will assist the asset management strategies and programs to resolve infrastructure shortfalls and
protect the City’s investment in existing infrastructure. The completion of a Class Environmental Assessment at the sewage treatment plant will
layout the scope and costing of needs that will allow the Corporation to protect and improve the City’s investment in existing infrastructure at
the plant.

As a departmental lead in development of the CLI-ECA and as the Operating Authority for the city’s water systems will create the programs
and standards for the future development of one of the corporation’s largest value asset group. This includes the development of strong tools,
strategies and plans to ensure optimal investment in the city’s infrastructure and the protection of the Environment and ongoing maintenance of
ensure levels of service are met.

  • Timeline: The development and completion of the related analysis will be a 3-year process and when completed will be able to layout the
    next 25 years of operational and capital investment and a functional strategy that will provide a robust structure to the full functionality of an
    integrated system.
  • Strategic Plan Theme: Infrastructure, Environment
  • Budget: 2024 Capital Project #1.025 (consolidated with several existing capital projects – $15 million)

Goals & Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)


Commencement of the Class Environmental Assessment in first half of 2024 for development of long-term understanding of cost needs for the
sewage plant rehabilitation and improvement.

Continuation of the CLI-ECA program tools and standards development over a three-year period to build a robust program.


Departments will continue to develop operational initiatives throughout the year and work with the City’s Departmental Performance Standards Committee to develop SMART Key Performance Indicators to properly evaluate performance and provide reliable, relevant, and accountable
performance metrics to the community.


Department Plans and their performance reports were first introduced in the 2024 Operating Budget. Performance will be published in 2024 once sufficient data is collected to accurately assess the department’s performance and provide meaningful insights.


The proposed 2024 Engineering & Development Services Operating Budget is $11,634,300 in gross expenditures and $2,333,500 in net expenditures supported from the general tax levy. This represents a 22.05% increase over the 2023 budget.

In 2024, the Engineering and Development Services department has budget for significant expenditures related to the Federal Housing Accelerator program, the corresponding grant revenue has also be budgeted to fully fund these initiatives.



  • 100% Ministry of Environment, Conservation & Parks operational compliance for the Belleville and Point Anne water treatment systems
  • Successfully implemented the Consolidated Linear Infrastructure Environmental Certificates of Approval for the Wastewater and Storm Water systems.
  • Started the implementation of the large-scale piping infrastructure condition assessment (video assessment) of the waste piping system.
  • Sewage plant electrical and generator upgrades tender and design is underway.
  • Water tower investigation and design work completed.
  • Construction tender completed with EDS for Cannifton Storm pumping station.
  • WEGE Award recipient under the Great Lakes Cities Initiative from the Great Lakes And St. Lawrence


The Environmental Services Department is a multi-disciplined group that covers expertise in engineering, legislative interpretation and compliance, Risk mitigation, and hard services operation:

  • Director – Perry Decola
  • Water Treatment – Supervisor of Treatment, 24/7 Shift Treatment Operators (9)
  • Compliance (Water, Wastewater, Storm Water and Solids) – Supervisor of Environmental Compliance, Environmental Specialist, Locates coordination, Environmental Coordination (4)
  • Water Distribution & Services – Supervisors, Inspector, Locator, Distribution Operators, Casual Operator (14)
  • Wastewater and Storm Water – Supervisor, Inspector, Wastewater Operators (10)
  • Environmental Management (Licencing, ECA’s and Remediation) – Environmental Manager, Environmental Engineer, Project Manager, GIS/Clerk, Linear Engineer, Admin (7)


Environmental Services provides operational, environmental mitigation, legislative approval and regulatory compliance for the Corporations vertical and linear infrastructure for water, wastewater, and stormwater systems.

The department functions as the Operating Authority for two drinking water systems, as the contract administration of Sewage treatment plant and as the Operating Authority for the storm water system that collects and treats storm water from the Corporations residential and commercial lands that manages and treats storm water prior it is discharged to receiving surface water sources.

  • Internal stakeholders: Council, Finance, Engineering Development Services, Transportation Operation Services, and Corporate Services
  • External stakeholders: Federal Department of Fisheries, Ministry of Environment Conservation and Parks, Boards, Ratepayers, and residents impacted by diminution of waste streams.


Municipal guiding documents and plans that govern the work of the Environmental Services Department:

  • Environmental Protection Act (R.S.O. 1990, c. E.19) – Governs the powers, duties, and responsibilities with regards to the discharge of solids,
    liquids, or gases to the environment.
  • Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act (S.O. 2016, c. 12, Sched. 1) – Provides protection to the natural environment and human health
    by reducing Greenhouse gas emissions and minimizes waste generation.
  • Asset Management Plan (City of Belleville Asset Management Plan) – Utilized to effectively manage and derive value from existing and new
    assets to deliver services at expected levels to the community.
  • Clean Water Act (S.O. 2006, c. 22) – Provides guidance for source water protection regarding activities and functions.
  • Water Resources Act (R.S.O. 1990, c. O.40) – Regulates the taking of water.
  • Safe Drinking Water Act (S.O. 2002, c. 32) – Regulates the operation and function of Drinking water facilities and outlines the duties and
    responsibilities of individuals in the Corporation.



  • Storm and wastewater sampling program creation under the Consolidated Linear Infrastructure Environmental Compliance Approval.
  • O.Reg 208/19 of the Environmental Compliance Act creating entire new operational and compliance requirements for Storm and Wastewater
    systems that have never existed.
  • Under O.Reg 453/07 of the Safe Drinking Water Act – a new 10 year financial plan will be required in 2024 for the corporation to meet its
    requirements to renew its Operational Licenses for the drinking water system.
  • Preparation of GHG inventories and waste management audits to determine compliance with 2025 conditions in the Resource Recovery and
    Circular Economy Act.


  • Wastewater system rehabilitation costs will require user rate adjustments to become sustainable.
  • Inflationary impacts on materials, supplies, and services rising faster than consumer price index.
  • Competitive hiring market for certified operators.
  • Materials and chemicals for treatment have increased by 15% year over year.


  • Many opportunities for Information Technology advancement and new technology deployment to enhance internal efficiencies and external
    engagement and efficiency in service delivery.
  • Technological and lifecycle upgrades in Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) hardware and software are part of the master plan
    program to map out a stable replacement program for control systems.

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