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| Published , updated February 9, 2024

Key Initiatives

Performance Review Process

Beginning with the Performance Review Process (Phase 1 of Talent Management), work with and support managers in developing goals and objectives that align to the strategic plan to ensure their employees understand the objectives and how they contribute to them.

Training will be provided on best practice and how to successfully use competencies to coach and improve employee performance.

  • Timeline: Winter 2024 and next 2 years.
  • Strategic Plan Theme(s): All
  • Budget: Budget resources included in existing HR budget.

Talent Management Program

  • Development and execution of robust talent management program.
  • Timeline: Training will begin winter 2024, finalizing at the end of the year.
  • Strategic Plan Theme(s): All
  • Budget: Budget resources included in existing HR budget.

Goals & Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)


Performance Review Process be completed for 2024 where all managers know how to complete the process and have set goals for their employees for the 2024 year.


Departments will continue to develop operational initiatives throughout the year and work with the City’s Departmental Performance Standards Committee to develop SMART Key Performance Indicators to properly evaluate performance and provide reliable, relevant, and accountable
performance metrics to the community.


Department Plans and their performance reports were first introduced in the 2024 Operating Budget. Performance will be published in 2024 once sufficient data is collected to accurately assess the department’s performance and provide meaningful insights.


The proposed 2024 Human Resources Operating Budget is $961,300 in gross expenditures and $897,300 in net expenditures supported from the general tax levy. This represents a 16.76% decrease over the 2023 budget.

In 2024, expense reductions are largely attributable to the departmental cost allocations completed for 2024. Revenue reductions are a result of one-time reserve funding being removed in 2024.



  • Reduced number of arbitrations through building relationships with the unions.
  • Developed and executed new Performance Review Process for administrative staff and completed abbreviated version for 2023.
  • Developed a Performance Management tool – Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) to support managers in leading others.
  • Repealed the COVID-19 requirement and successfully worked with Unifor to remove outstanding grievances and arbitrations.
  • Facilitated the amendment to the Early Retirement Process for Administrative staff.
  • Finalized the KPMG organizational recommendations; working with others to come to agreement.
  • Developed next steps for Job Evaluations for staff positions.
  • Reengaged CUPE for CUPE Job Evaluation and tool.


The Human Resources department is comprised of 7 highly skilled staff who provide support to all City of Belleville departments and staff:

  • Director – Marie Doherty
  • Talent Acquisition, Training & Development, Organizational Design, Performance Management, Wellness, Health & Safety, Labour Relations, Employee Relations, Compensation & Benefits, Strategic HR, Administration (6)


Human Resources (HR) is reponsible for facilitating the effectiveness and efficiency of departments in achieving their goals and objectives aligned with the strategic plan. This is done through our people, our clients, and our community.

Operationally, HR provides tools and resources including training and development, recruitment and selection, talent management, labour relations and strategic HR that assist in the operations of the City and are required to elevate the City of Belleville to be an employer of choice.


There are several key documents and policies that guide the Human Resources department including: Human Resources Policy Manual, City of Belleville Code of Conduct and other policies (including Health and Safety) that outline the expectations and standards of behaviour, integrity
and ethical conduct that employees are expected to follow.

The documents also include guidelines for conflicts of interest, confidentiality and professional conduct. Further guidance is provided through standardized employment contracts and collective bargaining agreements. These documents outline the terms and conditions of employment including wages, benefits, working hours and other terms as well as grievance and disciplinary procedures.

To assist the Corporation in the achievement of it’s strategic plan, HR aligns training and development to support the employees and managers. Consistency and transparency in job descriptions, job evaluations and compensation strategies as well as ensuring employment equity within the workplace are fair and consistent. These documents collectively form the governance framework for HR management within the City of Belleville.



  • Retention issues are prevalent as staff are able to take advantage of a high demand for skilled labour, and relatively limited talent pool. This has become particularly prevalent in the municipal workforce with continual retirements and limited employee availability.
  • Collective bargaining trends, including annual rate escalations and emerging clauses.


  • There is a broader trend in workforce engagement through remote and hybrid work arrangements being offered by employers.

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