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| Published , updated February 9, 2024

Department Plans and their performance reports were first introduced in the 2024 Operating Budget.

Key Initiatives

Industrial Community Improvement Plan

Develop an Industrial Community Improvement Plan to target underutilized industrial sites (Economic Development).

  • Timeline: 2024
  • Strategic Plan Theme: Industrial & Commercial Development
  • Budget: 2024 Operating Budget Issue #D6-8 ($50,000)

Goals & Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)


The key performance metric that will be utilized for the Industrial Community Improvement Plan will be the completion of this program. Given
that the actual property incentivization metrics cannot be completed until the plan is developed, the completion of an approved plan by
Council, which includes a financing strategy, is the most reasonable metric for this initiative at this stage.


Departments will continue to develop operational initiatives throughout the year and work with the City’s Departmental Performance
Standards Committee to develop SMART Key Performance Indicators to properly evaluate performance and provide reliable, relevant, and
accountable performance metrics to the community.


Performance will be published in 2024 once sufficient data is collected to accurately assess the department’s performance and provide meaningful insights.


The proposed 2024 Chief Administrator’s Office Operating Budget is $11,782,000 in gross expenditures and $5,390,800 in net expenditures
supported from the general tax levy. This represents a 10.95% decrease over the 2023 budget. Decreases in both revenue and expenses can
be largely attributable to reduced development charge fee waivers expected in 2024. Additionally in 2024, $400,100 of expenses have been
allocated to other departmental areas.



The CAO’s Office made many important changes and achievements in 2023, including:

  • Hired a new Digital Communications Specialist.
  • Created a new staff position dedicated to Doctor Recruitment.
  • Adoption of a physician recruitment policy to expand program yielding incentives for new family doctors, ER physicians, in-demand specialists, international medical graduates, nurse practitioners, and a scholarship program for graduates of Loyalist College.
  • Adding 2 nurse practitioners.
  • Development of marketing materials to raise awareness of the physician recruitment program.
  • Improvements to our Economic Development section, including new staff dedicated to Tourism and Business development.


  • CAO – Rod Bovay
  • CAO’s Office – Executive Assistants (2)
  • Mayor & Council Services – Manager, Coordinator, Assistant (3)
  • Communications – Coordinator, Assistant, Specialist (3)
  • Economic Development – Manager, Officer, Specialists, Assistant (5)
  • Doctor Recruitment – Manager (1)


Team and departmental responsibilities within the Chief Administrator’s (CAO’s) Office include:

  • Mayor and Council services
  • Program administration
  • Internal communications
  • External communications
  • Economic development
  • Business attraction, retention and development
  • Tourism
  • Investment attraction
  • Doctor recruitment


The CAO’s office is governed by all relevant provincial legislation, including the Municipal Act, as well as all City of Belleville governing plans and
documents, including the City’s Strategic Plan.


  • Municipal Budget
    • Key emerging trends that will impact the City of Belleville include the continued financial pressures facing Ontario municipalities. A new funding framework that encompasses all three levels of government will be necessary going forward.
  • Technology
    • The explosion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) will become a developing issue into 2024 for municipal governments and it will be necessary for the City to get a handle on the impact of AI on operations.
    • The continued decline of the mainstream media will be felt in many municipalities and will impact how residents are engaged and informed. The City must work to more effectively engage with residents to ensure communication is maintained.

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