June 24 Council Agenda Highlights

Regular City of Belleville Council Meeting to be held on June 24 at 4 p.m. Watch in person at Belleville City Hall Council Chambers or online at www.youtube.com/BellevilleCityHall.


  • KPMG LLP will present the City of Belleville 2023 Consolidated Financial Statements.

Correspondence, Reports and Consent Items

  • City of Belleville 2023 Consolidated Financial Statements.
  • Final Asset Management Plan – Current Levels of Service and updated Asset Management Policy.
  • 2024 Capital Budget amendment for the acquisition of 175 Airport Pkwy.
  • 2024 Capital Budget funding amendment for the Anti-Vehicle Barrier System to be fully funded by the Municipal Accommodation Tax Reserve Fund.
  • Status update on the Residential Intensification Review.
  • Special occasion permit application for Rotary Loves Kids Party in the Square Event.
  • Agreement between Hastings County, Housing Programs Branch and the Corporation of the City of Belleville for annual summer recreational programs at various social housing locations.
  • Inspection services of 600mm primary transmission concrete watermain.
  • Acceptance of aboveground services for Settlers Ridge Subdivision.
  • Acceptance of aboveground services for Riverstone Subdivision.
  • Parade permit application for the Belleville Caribbean Festival on Aug. 17.
  • Temporary noise permit application for Rotary Loves Kids Party in the Square Event in Market Square.
  • Request from Hastings County Housing Services for municipal by-law enforcement officers.
  • A letter from Mayor Neil Ellis to Premier Doug Ford regarding the Building Faster Fund and the financial impact of housing bills.
  • Building Section Month End Report for May 2024.
  • Resolution from the City of Hamilton requesting that federal and provincial Ministers of Health, Canadian Blood Services, Grifols Pharmaceuticals and all Ontario Municipalities respect the City of Hamilton’s designation as a “Paid-Plasma Free Zone” and support only voluntary Blood and plasma collection.
  • Resolution from the Municipality of Tweed petitioning the provincial government to implement provincial regulations to restrict the possession, breeding, and use of non-native (“exotic”) wild animals and license zoos in order to guarantee the fair and consistent application of policy throughout Ontario for the safety of Ontario citizens and the exotic wild animal population.
  • Resolution from the Municipality of Tweed calling on the Ontario government to immediately implement sustainable funding for small rural municipalities by reabsorbing the cost of the Ontario Provincial Police Force back into the provincial budget with no cost recovery to municipalities.


The full agenda can be viewed here: https://citybellevilleon.civicweb.net/Portal/MeetingInformation.aspx?Org=Cal&Id=850

Source: https://www.belleville.ca/en/news/june-24-council-agenda-highlights.aspx

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