How much does a municipal sidewalk cost?

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| Published , updated January 29, 2024

A sidewalk delineates pedestrians from oncoming traffic.

The O. Reg. 191/11: Integrated Accessibility Standards under the Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) requires that sidewalks be at least 1.5 m wide.

Blue Mountains, ON – $80/m2

In 2022, Blue Mountain’s Transportation Master Plan estimated a sidewalk to cost $80 per square metre.

Belleville, ON

River Road Sidewalk Construction Project (2023)

This project would replace 235m of the existing sidewalk with a new sidewalk in compliance with Accessibility for Ontarians with
Disabilities Act (AODA) and extend it approximately 340m further north to 79 River Road, for a total of 575m, or 862.5 square metres.

In addition, it would include:

  • Installation of a new storm sewer main due to drainage constraints
  • Road reconstruction on the west half of River Road to an urban standard with new concrete curb and gutter, new concrete sidewalk and new asphalt road surface to accommodate the existing and proposed sidewalk meeting AODA requirements.
VendorBid AmountCost per sq m (@ 1.5 wide)HSTTotal Bid AmountNet Cost to City
Earth-Crete Ontario Inc.$653,422.00$757$84,944.86$738,366.86$664,922.23
R.W. Tomlinson Limited$801,000.00$928$104,130.00$905,130.00$815,097.60
ROYAL CROWN CONSTRUCTION$809,690.26$939$105,259.73$914,949.99$823,940.81
809592 Ontario Inc. ola Parkside Landscaping &
K.MULRONNEY TRUCKING LTD$935,883.08$1,085$121,664.80$1,057,547.88$952,354.62

The City of Belleville received $202,996 of ICIP-COVID Stream funding for this project, with 80% ($162,396.80) from the Federal government and 20% ($40,559.20) from the Provincial government. The ICIP-COVID funding must be spent by December 31, 2023.

$100,000 – Ashley St Sidewalk – Ducette Road to Foxboro Public School – Design

Coun. Paul Carr asked that a new sidewalk be installed on Ashley Street at a cost of $100,000 from Ducette Road to Foxboro Public School to delineate pedestrians from oncoming traffic.

$500,000 – Village Drive – Sidewalk – Construction

Council approved a motion by Coun. Garnet Thompson who proposed that $500,000 be added into the capital budget to create at least one new sidewalk along Village Drive to create a safe pedestrian way. Village Drive residents rejected Traffic Calming measures on their street earlier and asked the city instead to install a sidewalk to make the street safer.

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