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by | Published , updated Jun 19, 2024

The following is an example of a campaign by the Ontario Health Coalition, with the goal of protecting and improving the public health care system.

Join the lawn sign campaign to stop Ford’s health care privatization

If you would like to get a lawn sign, please contact your local health coalition (list is below) to get one.

If there is no local coalition near you and you are willing to keep a pile of lawn signs and help get them out in your area, please email us at [email protected]. If we have a way to get the lawn signs to you, or if you are able to come pick them up or meet us, we will do so.

We are working hard to get as many lawn signs out as possible but it does cost a significant amount. Each English sign costs $6.50 and each Bilingual sign costs $7.10. For those that are able to, please consider making a $5 donation to help cover the costs of the lawn signs.

If you cannot donate, please don’t worry. It isn’t meant to be a barrier to putting up a sign. Some people donate $20 or more to cover several signs for people. Thank you!

Click here to donate

You can also send a donation via e-transfer to [email protected].

All you need to do is navigate to your online bank account, find the Send via INTERAC e-Transfer option, add Ontario Health Coalition as a recipient, and use [email protected] as our contact information to send by email (if you send it to another email address, it will not be automatically deposited so please use the email address [email protected] to send e-transfers).

Auto-deposit is set up, so your donation will automatically go through without a security question. Please make sure you’ve inputted the correct donation amount and specified it’s for lawn signs before submitting your e-transfer donation. You’ll then get a confirmation email from your bank that we have received the funds.

Email from Ontario Health Coalition

Share your lawn sign photos

For those that have put up lawn signs or have seen lawn signs in your community, please send in photos to share with us! If you have pictures of yourself, your friends, family, or neighbours with lawn signs, that would be even better!

Please email them in to us at [email protected] and use the subject line “Lawn Sign Photos” so we can spread the word and show all the lawn signs going up across the province.

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