• Special Council Meeting – 2022 Capital Budget – 06 Dec 2021

    Mitch Panciuk 02:06Good morning, everybody. Welcome to our special capital budget meeting. Today, thank you very much for for attending. Before I call the meeting to order, we’ll just sort of talk a little bit about how I envision this morning’s going to go. We’re going to start off with deputation by Chief Callahan from … Read more

  • Transportation Committee – Nov 24th 2021

    Garnet Thompson 0:23Soon as Christine chimed in, we’ll get the meeting started, guys, everybody thank you Ernie can hear me. I can hear you. Thanks, Carol. Hi, Joe. Hi, Tyler. Tyler Allsop 0:55I got it. Can you hear me as well? Garnet Thompson 0:57Yep. Perfect. Thank you. I’m at City Hall. Because I just left … Read more