Kingston City Council – 9 Jan 2024

| Published , updated January 25, 2024

This meeting summary was written by Parth Pasnani & GPT and originally published here. You can subscribe to Kingston Townhall Tracker here.

Main topic of discussion was capital changes and zoning amendments

The city council meeting on 9 Jan 2024 discussed the following points. Meeting details can be found here.

Members present: Councillor Gary Oosterhof, Councillor Wendy Stephen, Councillor Lisa Osanic, Councillor Jimmy Hassan, Councillor Brandon Tozzo, Councillor Don Amos, Councillor Ryan Boehme, Councillor Gregory Ridge, Councillor Cony Glenn, Councillor Jeff McLaren, Councillor Vincent Cinanni, Mayor Bryan Paterson

After reviewing the agenda and transcript of the City Council meeting held on January 9, 2024, the following main points were discussed:

1. Reports from the Chief Administrative Officer: A service level agreement was discussed involving the Kingston and Area Association of Museums, Art Galleries, and Historic Sites.

2. Planning Committee Recommendations:

  • Official Plan and Zoning Bylaw Amendment for 500 Cataraqui Way Woods Drive, File Number D35-002-2023, was approved

  • Zoning Bylaw Amendment for 36 Durham Street, File Number D14-004- 2022, which faced some opposition due to parking concerns near an elementary school but was approved

3. Kingston Heritage Committee: A notice of intention to designate the property located at 4017 Unity Road as heritage under the Heritage Act was approved without discussion.

4. Tax Write Offs Pursuant to the Municipal Act 2001 (2023-4): The committee recommended the approval of the cancellation, reduction, or refund of taxes under Sections 357 and 358 of the Municipal Act 2001. The total amount for these write-offs was reported to be $113,198​

5. Arts, Recreation, and Community Policies Committee: Approval was given to the Kingston Arts Council plan for the administration of arts for 2024 and an update to the sports field allocation policy.

6. Approval of Capital Budget Changes: The council approved changes to the capital budget, including an increase of $3,405,000, funded from various sources as outlined in Exhibit A of report number 24-023.

7. Affordable Housing and Homelessness: A report, 24-013, was presented to council containing analysis over the past three years, the potential on precarious housing, homelessness, and vacancy rate. It also provided the council with a summary of all financial tools and options that could be applied to the 2024 budget

8. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory: A detailed discussion on the city's greenhouse gas emissions inventory, including measures being taken and challenges faced in reducing emissions.

This meeting summary was written by Parth Pasnani & GPT and originally published here. You can subscribe to Kingston Townhall Tracker here.

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