Kingston Heritage Properties Committee – 20 Dec 2023

| Published , updated January 25, 2024

This meeting summary was written by Parth Pasnani & GPT and originally published here. You can subscribe to Kingston Townhall Tracker here.

Main topic of discussion was the project at 610 Montreal Street which is a heritage building and new heritage designation applications

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The Heritage committee on 20 Dec 2023 discussed the following points. Meeting details can be found here.

Members present: Councillor Gary OosterhofCouncillor Conny Glenn

  1. Councillor Conny Glenn is nominated and elected as the chair, and Jane McFarland is nominated and elected as the vice-chair.

  2. The meeting proceeds with the approval of the agenda and confirmation of the minutes, with no corrections or .

  3. The meeting moves on to discuss a pre-consultation for a project at 610 Montreal Street, with a presentation by Camille Lewis, an associate with CSV Architects, and Darl Hood, principal CSV Architects.

  4. The project involves a Heritage building with limestone cladding, and the proposed addition is designed to be subordinate to the Heritage structure in terms of height. The Heritage character-defining elements include limestone masonry, Georgian sash windows, and other architectural details. The interior of the Heritage building has been stripped of its historical character over the years.

  5. The project aims to create a community space with a focus on naturalized landscaping, indigenous representation, and sustainability.

  6. Sustainability objectives include meeting the requirements of the Green and Inclusive Community Buildings Program, achieving Net Zero Energy consumption, and preserving the Heritage building envelope.

  7. Presentation of Proposed Floor Layouts

    • The layout and relationship of the new addition to the Heritage building.

    • The central link structure to connect the two buildings.

  8. Comments from committee and members of the public:

    • Concerns and suggestions related to the placement of solar panels on the building.

    • Committee members' questions and comments related to collaboration with community groups, parking considerations, and design flexibility.

    • A member of the public expressing appreciation for the design and raising concerns about energy efficiency.

    • The speaker expressed concerns about the plan to replace gas heating with electrical heating, citing potential issues with the current grid and energy efficiency.

  9. Heritage designation considerations:

    1. The Agnes – 36 University Avenue, File Number: P18-073-2023

      • The speaker praised the Agnes collection, conservation studies, community consultation, and the positive of the proposed project on the gallery's programs and accessibility.

      • A committee member expressed concerns about the removal of French doors and the impact on the historic house, suggesting that there might be alternative solutions.

      • Another committee member voiced concerns about the historic house being overshadowed by the new addition, indicating that it might diminish the visibility and prominence of the house.

      • Questions were raised about the documentation and storage of the original features, particularly the French doors and iron elements, to ensure they are preserved and accessible for potential future use.

      • The committee rejected the recommendation to issue final approval

    2. Addresses: 101 & 103 Logan Street. 110 & 112 Ordnance Street, 114, 116 & 118 Ordnance Street, 124 Ordnance Street & 251 Sydenham Street, 201 Princess/30-32 Montreal Street, 207 Wellington Street and 4017 Unity Road

      • Provided to the committee for designation as heritage properties

      • The committee approved the recommendation to designate addresses as heritage properties

  10. Decisions and Next steps:

    1. The committee rejected the recommendation to issue final approval for 36 University Avenue, File Number: P18-073-2023

    2. The committee approved designation of 15 new addresses as heritage properties

This meeting summary was written by Parth Pasnani & GPT and originally published here. You can subscribe to Kingston Townhall Tracker here.

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