2024 Belleville Capital Budget – Updates & Survey Results

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| Published , updated December 18, 2023

NOTE: This page is ordered from most recent to oldest update regarding the budget. It will be updated after each step in the Capital Budget development process has been completed.

Capital budget – final

Summary of projects

The 2024 Capital Budget was approved to be $72 million over 35 projects, up from $60 million in 2023. It prioritized core infrastructure assets (i.e., roads, water, wastewater, stormwater, bridges & culverts) to bridge the infrastructure gap as noted in the 2022 Asset Management Plan, including the replenishment and growth of its asset management reserve funds.


  • $55 million – Avonlough Sewage Pumping Station and Conveyance System – Phase 1
    Key project in providing municipal wastewater servicing for the development of the Loyalist West Belleville Secondary Plan major growth area, which will enable future development of over 9000 residential dwelling units as outlined in the Loyalist Secondary Plan (2010).
  • $2 million – Cannifton Underpass Storm Pumping Station Refurbishment
  • $1.5 million – Unit 715-10 Urban Fire Rescue Truck Replacement
  • $1.355 million – QSWC – Annual Renewal of Assets
  • $920,000 – 2 x Unit 201-13 Plow Truck Replacement
  • $993,600 – Belleville Police Services 2024 Capital Budget Request

In the final Capital Budget meeting, 5 extra projects approved by council, adding $1.5 million to the budget:

  • $350,000 – Whistling Cessation – CP Rail Crossing Upgrades at Elmwood Rd and Mitchell Rd
    Coun. Paul Carr requested $350,000 for new gates where residents have complained the crossing was not only dangerous but a constant irritant from the noise of train engines whistling every time they pass the area for safety reasons. Based on Whistling Cessation Study.
  • $100,000 – Ashley St Sidewalk – Ducette Road to Foxboro Public School – Design
    Coun. Paul Carr asked that a new sidewalk be installed on Ashley Street at a cost of $100,000 from Ducette Road to Foxboro Public School to delineate pedestrians from oncoming traffic.
  • $500,000 – Village Drive – Sidewalk – Construction
    Council approved a motion by Coun. Garnet Thompson who proposed that $500,000 be added into the capital budget to create at least one new sidewalk along Village Drive to create a safe pedestrian way. Village Drive residents rejected Traffic Calming measures on their street earlier and asked the city instead to install a sidewalk to make the street safer.
  • $300,000 – Hillcrest Park Improvements – Phase Two – B
    Coun. Tyler Allsopp, meanwhile, enjoyed full council support when he asked that $300,000 be included in the capital budget to restore playground equipment removed four years to make way for the redevelopment of the site to include other amenities.
  • $170,000 – Riverfront Recreational Trail Extension North – Design Only
    Coun. Paul Carr requested the 2024 capital budget include $170,000 for design work to kickstart the extension of the recreation trail crossing over Highway 401 to connect the urban area of the city to Cannifton noting those walking across the bridge are not safe with motorists passing close to pedestrians and cyclists.


120 projects totaling $50 million were deferred, including:

  • $4 million – Bridge St E – Herchimer to Haig
  • $6 million – Sidney St / College St Intersection
  • $5.7 million – Phillipson Rd. – from Hwy 37, north 4.4km
  • $4 million – Front St. (Upper) Bridge Rehabilitation
  • $2 million – McWilliams Bridge (Blessington Rd) – Replacement
  • $1.5 million – QSWC (FDC Arena) Roof Replacement
  • $3.6 million – Wastewater Treatment Plant – Electrical Upgrades
  • $2.31 million – Watermain Relining

I know a lot of priorities have been put off till next year’s projects, staff will get to them. But as we said on the growth of the city and the building, the Loyalist Secondary Plan has to be done.

Mayor Neil Ellis

Council budget meeting

Feedback was presented to council ahead of the Capital Budget Meeting.

Finance Committee recommendation

The results of the survey were presented to the Finance Committee and Council to assist with the development of guidelines for budget preparation. Departments will then use these guidelines as they develop and finalize their draft budgets.

Draft Capital Budget & Assessment Management Survey results

The second phase in the engagement approach for capital will come closer to the finalization of the budget (around November). This will more specific look at the proposed capital budget which would be developed once the preliminary document is available. This survey would break down some of the budget items and allow residents to weigh in on the specific projects identified by staff in their draft budgets.

The 2024 Draft Capital Budget & Asset Management Survey was available from November 16, 2023 to November 30, 2023 and received 122 responses, much fewer than the preliminary survey received.

According to the Director of Finance as reported to city council, the findings of the survey were the following priorities:

  • Continued Hillcrest Park development
  • Police investment
  • Core infrastructure – Roads

According to our analysis, the respondents’ priorities were as follows:

  1. Parks and Recreation: Many respondents emphasize the importance of parks, trails, and playgrounds. There’s a suggestion to focus more on playground equipment rather than splash pads due to longer usability. Others advocate for more outdoor spaces like pickleball courts and express a desire for improvements in areas like Belch Park and the waterfront to enhance recreation and tourism.
  2. Road and Infrastructure Maintenance: Numerous comments highlight the poor condition of roads, with mentions of potholes and the need for better maintenance. There’s also a focus on infrastructure, including bridges, harbors, and stormwater systems, suggesting that these should be priorities for maintenance and upgrades.
  3. Public Safety and Policing: There’s a mix of opinions on policing. Some respondents call for increased police funding and resources, citing concerns about crime and traffic violations. Others suggest reallocating funds from police to social services or other areas, arguing for a more balanced approach to public safety.
  4. Public Transportation and Accessibility: Several comments point out the limitations in current public transit options, suggesting the need for expansion, including bus services to neighboring towns. There’s also a call for more accessible facilities in parks and a focus on creating more bicycle-friendly infrastructure.
  5. Funding and Budget Allocation: Respondents express various views on budget allocation, with some advocating for increased funding in areas like libraries, fire services, and IT, while others emphasize the need to reduce spending on certain areas like harbors and splash pads. There’s a general concern about efficiently using taxpayer money and prioritizing essential services.

The 2024 Capital Budget – Draft Budget Public Engagement Report results were as follows:

1. What is your tax billing area?

  • Belleville Urban
  • Belleville Rural
  • Cannifton Urban
  • Cannifton Rural

2. While considering the following guidelines, are you generally satisfied with the projects included in the 2024 draft capital budget?

Council adopted the following guidelines to develop the 2024 draft capital budget:

  • That efforts are made to apply all available grant funds, where applicable, to the core infrastructure assets (i.e., roads, water, wastewater, stormwater, bridges & culverts).
  • That staff bring forth a capital budget totaling between $65 to $70 million.
  • That in the case of funding constraints, staff collectively defer capital projects in accordance with their corresponding prioritization and risk score, and that where these scores are equal, priority be given to core infrastructure assets.
  • That staff continue to bring forth strategies to bridge the infrastructure gap as noted in the 2022 Asset Management Plan, including the replenishment and growth of its asset management reserve funds.
  • Yes
  • No

3. Feel free to provide additional comment on your response to Question #2 above.

  • Capital projects are not getting completed in a timely manner.
  • The 2024 Draft Capital Budget is focused on one project (i.e. Avonlough Street Pumping Station, Bridge Street/Sidney Street). Furthermore, it does not sufficiently address existing core infrastructure (i.e. roads).
  • Hillcrest Park completion should be included in the draft budget.
  • Police & Fire should have an increased allocation of funds. Facilities & Parks should be reduced. While others expressed that Police’s fleet & equipment allocation should be reduced.
  • The overall draft capital budget is too low considering costs continue to rise.

In your opinion, are there any service areas that you think require general immediate attention but may not be appropriately reflected in this budget?

In addition to $15.5 million in key asset maintenance and replacement projects, the draft 2024 Capital Budget reflects significant growth-related infrastructure investments in Wastewater, Water and Transportation assets; providing a strong commitment to the housing targets enacted by the Province and alignment with the City’s infrastructure phasing strategy and asset management plan.

Please note that the 2024 draft capital budget represents new capital spending. Incomplete capital projects that were approved by Council in 2023 and prior years will be carried forward to 2024.

Comments highlighted to support respondents’ selections were as follows:

  • Police: Fleet & equipment, traffic & downtown patrol
  • Transit: Fleet, active transportation projects, boulevard trees
  • Stormwater: Alexander Street
  • Police
  • Transportation
  • Water
  • Wastewater
  • Stormwater
  • Fleet & Equipment
  • City Facilities
  • Parks
  • Library
  • Parking
  • Fire
  • Comment

5. Do you feel adequately informed about the City’s capital budget and the projects included? If not, please elaborate.

  • Yes
  • No
    • It is difficult to locate the draft capital projects list. Respondents were unaware of capital meeting
      agenda document that was linked within the survey.
    • There was insufficient information to support capital projects.
    • There is a need for periodic Townhall meetings to discuss progress on capital projects.
    • There should be more transparency around the capital budget for Police.

6. Are there any specific topics surrounding the City’s capital budget and process that you wish you had more information and background on? And if so, please elaborate.

  • Yes
  • No
    • Their proportion of property tax allocated to capital projects (increased transparency).
    • Whether affordable housing should be included in the capital budget.
    • Identifying developers’ share of funding capital projects.
    • Overall implication of projects translated to residents (i.e. Bridge Street reconstruction).
    • Increased rationale and business case for projects to move forward (i.e. tax implications).

7. In your opinion, how would you prioritize the following aspects of City services tied to capital infrastructure (with 1 being highest) 1-2-3-4-5

  • Services have enough capacity to support demand.
  • Services are reliable and responsive.
  • Services are inclusive and equitable.
  • Services are sustainable and mitigate climatic impacts.
  • Services are affordable.

8. In your opinion, how would you rank the following areas of the City’s capital investment (with 1 being highest) 1-2-3-4-5

  • Adding to or expanding existing infrastructure to enhance levels of service (eg. adding a new recreation facility or splash pad to serve existing ratepayers).
  • Renewing assets that support existing levels of service (eg. rehabilitating or constructing a road).
  • Improving the responsiveness of City services (eg. improving response time of resident complaints regarding infrastructure).
  • Improving overall accessibility, diversity, equity, and inclusion (eg. enhancement of transit infrastructure).
  • Facilitating residential and non-residential growth (eg. acquiring a new snowplow to service new subdivisions that would generate new tax revenue).
  • Investing in other key priorities as outlined in the City’s Strategic Plan (eg. reducing climate change impacts).

9. Please indicate whether you feel the level of service related to the infrastructure and investments of each area should be increased, maintained, or decreased 1-2-3-4-5

  • City Facilities (eg. community centres, arenas, pool, library)
  • Harbours (eg. piers, docks, boat launches)
  • Police (eg. police fleet, facilities, equipment)
  • Fire (eg. fleet, facilities, equipment)
  • Roads (eg. maintenance and general upkeep)
  • Bridges and Culverts (eg. maintenance and general upkeep)
  • Other Transportation (eg. streetlights, signs, road & sidewalk maintenance, and winter control)
  • Transit (eg. buses, bus stops, shelters)
  • Water (eg. water meters, water treatment, distribution infrastructure)
  • Wastewater (eg. sanitary manholes, wastewater treatment, collection)
  • Stormwater (eg. storm manholes, pond maintenance)
  • Parks (eg. playgrounds, trails, greenspace)
  • Parking (eg. parking lots, parking meters, lighting)
  • Information Technology (eg. security cameras)

10. If you chose “decrease” or “increase” on any of the service areas above, please elaborate

  • Rural residents are fed up and sick and tired with paying for downtown! Enough is enough!
  • I attend the parks / trails on at least 250 days per annum. The users of splash pads is minimal. Belch park does not require a splash pad. Playground equipment can be utilized 7-8 months per year as opposed to spash pads 3 months per year. The city spent money at the Riverside parking lots – that is luxury not a neccessity. The funding required should be acquired from the actual users of boat docks/piers.
  • Many roads need work – try driving across Tracey Street, sunken potholes everywhere. Contrary to what it might seem like on FB and according to the Belleville Police Services Board, we are not in desperate need of more intensive policing. Crime severity is around the average in Ontario. https://canadacrimeindex.com/crime-severity-index?sort=violent_crime_severity_index&min_
    population=25000&province=ON The library specifically should get more funding as they do way, way more than just lend out books
  • It would be ideal to maintain all, however cuts will have to be made. Infrastructure takes priority.
  • never seems to be enough parking
  • Transit is very limited within the area. I want a bus that is accessible to neighboring towns.
  • Our waterfront is so underutilized. It would be nice if it was generating funds from out of town visitors. Police and Fire should have all the tools required to serve the community. I have asked many times about bus shelters location. City Portal should be maintained and improved as possible .
  • Always need to move forward
  • Security cameras – too many homeless with increase in crime Police – funding to help control the downtown Parking – west end
  • Seems the post covid era requires an increase in these services
  • Re-routing of funding from police to social services and affordable housing to reduce the need for police enforcement. I would love to see the Zwick’s trail extend further west along the waterfront for a longer recreational trail. Not increased transit – but increased bicycle infrastructure as a safe and affordable transportation option especially given the current economics. Bridges need to be maintained for
    everyone’s safety – no collapsing bridges please as the infrastructure of cities across North American cities ages.
  • Maintain needed services and decrease those not required as offend.
  • Harbours and docks, least of issues need addressing. Information technology, where are the security cameras, privacy, data maintenance. Cost is more than having real people perform security.
  • Portion of Police and fire budget should be diverted to related high school education, AI surveillances, door to door education and any other related preventive strategies and reason for my decrease to traditional method of spending. Increase in IT is the way to move forward for the next generation and slowly but surely there needs to be an increase in IT spending after formal need and assessment to create a value in terms to speed, precision and cost savings without compromising on the deliverables
  • Accumulation of funds to the current group of employees who keep my community clean and safe is like throwing money on a fire
  • More $ for library, fire (toy drive – operating budget,) free downtown parking and more transit routes/hours of operation.
  • We should be looking for ways to lower our budget to invite newcomers into our city. Costs are already unbelievably high. How can we expect this new generation to want to come back and afford homes if we are improving on services that have no use to half of the population
  • Increase police: a lot of issues arising with the growing homeless population, theft, drugs. There are also a lot of dangerous drivers in the city, I think we need more police officers. Increase road maintenance: there are some bumpy roads in the city Decrease bridges and culverts: I haven’t personally seen a lot of issues with either bridges or culverts. Increase parks: too many new build areas don’t have a good amount of green spaces. We need more ball diamonds here!!! Decrease parking: dont fix what’s not
  • The cost to maintain harbor services can be shifted to the users of the facilities
  • Finish the Hillcrest playground and splash pad.
  • In 20 yrs of living here I have not seen this city improve our waterfront to encourage tourism. Out waterfront is the worst I have every seen. I went to Brockville this summer and their waterfront is better and small population.
  • Pickleball courts please
  • sewage treatment plant is overloaded. Needs improvement. Cut back on subsidies for transit.
  • More police please. Roads are in terrible shape. Sidewalk and snow ploughs could be quicker to respond Library needs to be made more accessible. More parks need accessible play structures and smooth path as opposed to gravel. We need more accessible parking spots.
  • Harbours – should be 100% funded by user fees. IT – don’t make a nanny state. Stop with community safety zone cameras.
  • Many roads are in bad shape to the point of increasing cost of repairs on vehicles. Also they are bad enough that the roads cost even more to repair in the long run especially with our freeze/thaw climate in the winter.
  • Accessible parking for those seeking access to healthcare, parks for all people to enjoy nature should be a priority. Decrease police and security spending, because the average citizen is either deeply in debt or rapidly eating through their savings just to exist. The last thing we need is criminalizing people instead of preventing desperation ‘crimes’. Harbours are play areas for the wealthy, and if they want to improve it, they should foot the bill themselves without every other taxpayer. If they refuse, reclaim the harbour and marina for public use and re-naturalization.
  • must set priorities, parks, playgrounds etc, cannot have priority over police, fire, wastewater etc.
  • not really a functioning city site or ecommerce website
  • I think we need to increase the service at the library and community centres for the families of this area. This investment in literacy, keeping kids busy and building their sense of community will help us to build a better city with an educated population that will stay. Parks and outdoor (free) spaces will also increase the community involvement and pride. I would like us to use the area we are lucky to live in and increase the health of the area by more outdoor use. With climate change our stormwater needs to be upgraded
  • Fire and Police equipment must be updated as required. Waste and storm water should be controlled to protect the lake and environment
  • We spend too much money on parks. We use way too much salt on roads when not called for very hard on the environment. Like I said before actually get the right people in charge of maintaining the roads. Good example on Halloween I witnessed a city truck dropping strait salt on a wet road like who is running this department
  • Traffic violations are wicked. Police need more help. Security cameras and better roads with signage will help. Bus shelters keep people protected from the cold winds
  • We can’t continue to build arenas and fair grounds etc, the Infrastructure and prime services must be maintained and expanded to attract future growth, safety and prosperity
  • Roads are a mess. Other than that, do not increase the budget beyond current inflation rates.
  • Do the basics and and start decreasing tax rates and quit giving taxpayers money to every cause !! If you support a cause , do fundrising yourself !!
  • Maintain: necessary services (ex storm water) Decrease: ‘luxury items’ like harbours Increase: quality of life items, like free access parkland
  • Sonny (Clifford) Belch Park needs to be prioritized to be completed properly.
  • Defund the police & information technology. No interested in new development. Focus on making roads and stormwater resilient to the environment.

Capital Budget Summary – Draft

Council’s 2024 draft capital budget guidelines

Staff have considered the survey results to draft the 2024 Capital Budget guidelines, which were presented to the Finance Committee on August
. The Committee has recommended that Council approve the following guidelines:

  • That efforts are made to apply all available grant funds, where applicable, to the core infrastructure assets (i.e., roads, water, wastewater, stormwater, bridges & culverts).
  • That staff bring forth a capital budget totaling between $65 to $70 million.
  • That in the case of funding constraints, staff collectively defer capital projects in accordance with their corresponding prioritization and risk score, and that where these scores are equal, priority be given to core infrastructure assets.
  • That staff continue to bring forth strategies to bridge the infrastructure gap as noted in the 2022 Asset Management Plan, including the replenishment and growth of its asset management reserve funds.

Preliminary Capital Budget Survey Results

The Preliminary Capital Budget Survey was available from July 14, 2023 to August 9, 2023 and received 422 responses.

The first phase of the process was a short, high-level Preliminary Capital Budget Survey to gauge residents capital spending priorities. Questions in the survey looked at ranking and prioritizing City infrastructure, current satisfaction levels of each, as well as areas and tolerance for increased/decreased infrastructure investment.

It gave residents an opportunity to provide feedback on capital spending priorities and have a say on how $50 to $90 million should be spent.

The 2024 Preliminary Capital Budget Survey Results, 2024 Capital Budget – Public Engagement Report and the 2024 Draft Capital Budget Summary.

The 2024 Capital Budget – Phase 1 Public Engagement Report found that respondents requested the following priorities:

  1. Dissatisfaction with current services: Many residents feel that the services provided are not commensurate with the taxes they pay. Complaints include poor road conditions, lack of police presence in rural areas, and insufficient public transportation. Some suggest a reallocation of current taxes rather than an increase. Suggestions include better management of existing funds, prioritizing essential services, and exploring innovative solutions to improve service quality without increasing taxes.
  2. Comparisons with other cities: Some residents compared Belleville’s tax rates and services unfavorably to other cities, noting higher taxes in Belleville for comparable or fewer services.
  3. Request for a cricket ground: A notable number of responses express a desire for a cricket ground in Belleville, emphasizing the respondent’s willingness to contribute financially for this facility.
  4. Social and community concerns: Concerns about social issues such as mental health services, support for the unhoused, and drug problems are raised, with suggestions for more investment in these areas.

In summary, while there is a clear demand for better services and infrastructure, particularly regarding roads, public transport, and community facilities like a cricket ground, there is also a strong sentiment against increasing taxes. Instead, residents advocate for more efficient use of existing tax revenues and better management of city resources.

1. Do you live and/or own a business in Belleville?

  • I am a homeowner
  • I am a business owner
  • I am a tenant
  • One or more of the above
  • None of the above (please specify)
    • Student
    • Youth Sports Facilitator for Sports Group
    • I am living in Belleville and working full time.
    • Student
    • Belong to Belleville Theatre Guild
    • I live in Quinte West but volunteer in Belleville.
    • Work for the City
    • Work in Belleville
    • Homeowner & Business Owner
    • Live with parents
    • Belleville Urban

2. Which tax billing area do you live in?

  • Belleville Urban
  • Belleville Rural
  • Cannifton Rural
  • Cannifton Urban
  • Don’t live in Belleville

3. How old are you?

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55-64
  • 65+
  • Prefer not to answer

4. What is your annual gross household income?

  • Less than $25,000
  • $25,000 to $50,000
  • $50,000 to $75,000
  • $75,000 to $100,000
  • $100,000 to $150,000
  • $150,000 to $250,000
  • $250,000+
  • Prefer not to answer

5. Do you currently have any children under the age of 18 living in your household?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Prefer not to answer

6. How familiar are you with how the City develops the annual Capital Budget?

  • Very familiar
  • Somewhat familiar
  • Not at all familiar

7. Please think about the overall quality of life in the City of Belleville for you and your family. Would you say that the quality of life in the City is…

  • Poor
  • Fair
  • Good
  • Excellent
  • Prefer not to answer

8. Thinking about the services provided by the City of Belleville and the taxes you pay, which of the following statements best describes you?

  • I would be willing to pay more in taxes if it meant services in the City increased.
  • I would like to pay less tax and am prepared to have services in the City decrease.
  • I am comfortable with the current levels of service and taxation.
  • Other (please specify)
    • I believe belleville rural is not looked after like the rest of the city is. Very little police on the rural roads.
    • Roads are terrible.
    • Cricket ground required
    • Already paying enough taxes
    • Less taxes and more facilities
    • Too much tax for poor service
    • I want to pay same tax and have better services.
    • Need more service with the same amount
    • I am paying taxes and yet bud route 9 doesn’t fall under the area I live in!
    • Less tax and more quality of living
    • We want our cricket ground and we can pay taxes for services increased and we are willing to help
    • need a cricket ground in Belleville.
    • It would be a lot appreciated if we can get a cricket playground in belleville. There is a huge number of
      people who play cricket but we dont have any playground for it. We just have to compromise in small
      baseball grounds. I hope we would get our own ground. We are willing to pay our fair share for it too.
    • Would like to pay less and improve the level of services
    • I pay too much for what I receive. Please stop tax break for bussiness.

9. The following services currently receive funding from user fees. Please identify which service(s) you would support an increase in user fees to reduce reliance on property taxes.

  • Arenas
  • Museum & Culture Services
  • Recreation Programs
  • Pools
  • Sports Fields
  • Transit (only applicable to Belleville Urban tax billing area)
  • Garbage Bag Tags
  • Dog Tags/Licenses/Permits
  • None of the above

10. In your opinion, how would you prioritize the City’s annual capital investment by departmental area (high to low)?

The City has various types of infrastructure that compete for capital investment on an annual basis. The City’s 2022 Asset Management Plan identified that the City’s annual investment in growth-related and replacement of capital infrastructure should be $78.1 million. The City’s average annual investment shortfall is approximately $21.4 million as presented in the 2022 capital budget and illustrated below:

2022 Capital Budget asset management shortfall list by department. Please email communications@belleville.ca for a full breakdown of the chart.

  1. Transportation
  2. Water
  3. Wastewater
  4. Stormwater
  5. City Facilities and Parks
  6. Fire
  7. Police
  8. Fleet & Equipment
  9. Information Technology
  10. Library
  11. Parking

11. In your opinion, what Asset Categories would you initially consider for further deferral to future years?

Approximately 60 capital projects totaling $86.1 million were deferred to 2024 during the 2023 capital budget deliberations due to funding constraints:

  • Parks & Recreation
  • Facilities
  • Bridges
  • Road
  • Roadside Works
  • Water
  • Wastewater
  • Stormwater
  • Fleet & Equipment
  • All asset categories proportionally
  • Asset categories that align with the City’s Asset Management Plan recommendations noted above

12. In your opinion, how would you rank the above-noted criteria (high to low)?

During annual capital budget deliberations, City staff score each proposed capital project to determine where it falls on the City’s prioritization scale. This tool is used in conjunction with the risk models outlined in the Asset Management Plan to assess the implications of deferring a project to future year(s) due to funding constraints. In accordance with the City’s Budget & Financial Controls Policy, the criteria are weighted as follows:

  1. Public Safety
  2. Service Levels
  3. Strategic Initiatives
  4. Financial
  5. Economic
  6. Other
  7. Community Support


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