Open Council Ontario Municipal Election 2022 Report

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| Published , updated August 23, 2023

Open Council put together Wikipedia-like profiles of all of Belleville’s election candidates including the public school board trustees. These profiles collected all of the publicly available facts about the candidates from their own websites and social media, as well as from trusted third-party sources such as local news websites and linked to the source of each fact or quote included.

These profiles were posted here on the website as well as on Open Council’s Reddit, Twitter and Facebook pages.


In the 7 days leading up to and including election day, this website received 1,000 unique visitors who spent a collective 3 days 4 hours and 40 minutes reading about the candidates. In order, the most viewed candidates were:

  • Mike Benson
  • Nick Boretski
  • Sarita Van Dyke
  • Lisa Anne Chatten
  • Amanda Robertson
  • Barbara Enright-Miller
  • Robert Labarge

Open Council subreddit

Each of the profiles was posted in full to the /r/OpenCouncil subreddit. In October, the subreddit received 954 unique visitors and 8,899 pageviews.

Community subreddit

The /r/OpenCouncil subreddit with all of the profiles was posted to Belleville’s subreddit. One of the Redditors requested that it be pinned to the top of the subreddit, which was later done by the mod. That post received a total of 3,100 views and 30 comments.

The reaction to the resource was overwhelmingly positive:

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