What government is responsible for homelessness in Ontario?

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| Published , updated April 3, 2024

The provincial government is primarily responsible for homelessness programs in Ontario

  • Delivery: The administration and organization of homelessness-related services is a local responsibility, primarily through municipalities. The 47 Service Managers 2 Indigenous Program Administrators provide some services directly, but transfer the majority of provincial funding to third parties to actually deliver/provide services and supports locally.
  • Funding: In 2020-21, the provincial government was the primary funder of homelessness programs, but it also received funding in partnership with municipalities and the federal government:
GovernmentFunding percentage

From 2014-15 to 2017-18:

GovernmentFunding percentage

The province is the primary funder of homelessness services, with some municipalities making a large contribution and some communities receiving federal funding as well.

  • Children’s Services
  • Homelessness Prevention
  • Housing Services
  • Stabilization Supports & Service

In southern Ontario they are the upper-tier municipal governments (Consolidated Municipal Service Managers (CMSMs)) and in the north, District Social Services Administration Boards (DSSABs).

The Housing Services Act, 2011 requires service managers to administer and fund social housing and maintaining service level standards. In 2018, Ontario had the lowest per capita program spending of any Canadian province.

Ontario’s Homelessness Prevention Program (HPP) supports service managers in preventing, addressing and reducing homelessness, including chronic homelessness.

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