Corbyville Village

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| Published , updated February 5, 2024

Corbyville Village is located in Cannifton and is the historic Corby distillery site on the Moira River. It is intended that this area be redeveloped as a village accommodating a broad range of housing with supporting and complementary uses, while recognizing existing non-residential uses.

It is identified as Specific Policy Area # 3 as outlined in Belleville’s Official Plan.

Special Planning Area location

It is made up of the following parcels of land:

  • 134 River Road – 120810004004400
  • 84 River Road – 120810004004401
  • 86 River Road – 120810004004410
  • 71-79 River Road – 120810004004500

Permitted uses

Uses permitted in Corbyville Village include a combination of low and medium density residential uses, commercial uses geared primarily to service the residential community, and open space, recreational and community facility uses. It is intended that these uses combine to create a largely self-contained village providing a broad range of housing types and styles, recreational opportunities and ancillary uses. The existing industrial use would be recognized also, but could be redeveloped for residential purposes.

Residential policies

The maximum residential development within Corbyville Village should not exceed 850 dwelling units on the basis that the industrial area is redeveloped for residential purposes. If the industrial area is retained for non-residential uses, the maximum number of residential units should not exceed 700 units. Development would consist of low and medium density residential uses.

Servicing and site conditions

Subject to the provisions of clause b) of this Section, it is intended that the site of the Corbyville Village be serviced by municipal water through extensions to the Cannifton Road watermain and by municipal sanitary sewage, subject to Section 5.3 of this Plan.

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