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| Published , updated February 7, 2024


  • 2022 circulation was a record high of 400,000 checkouts.
  • Offered 600 programs and events last year
  • Attendance of 18,605 people


The Library Board is a City Board of at least 5 members appointed by the municipal council. It is responsible for governing the Library and Gallery.

Board Trustees provide financial oversight for the Library and are responsible for all aspects of the operations, through the hiring and supervision of the CEO.


Municipal councils are responsible for appointing public library boards and they provide most of the funding for libraries (municipal tax dollars). A funding formula consists of a mix of provincial and municipal funding based on population sizes.

The Belleville Public Library has a board-approved written budget. This budget is developed annually as a cooperative process between the board’s finance committee and the library director. Each year, the board of trustees determines if the library’s revenues are adequate to meet the needs of the community. If the revenues are not adequate to meet the needs of the community, the board of trustees takes action to increase the library’s revenue.

On a monthly basis the library director presents written reports on library operations to the board of trustees. These reports include such areas as finance, library usage, matters of personnel, collection development, and programming in addition to any other relevant and pertinent information.

Policy Manual


The Board must meet a minimum of 7 times per year, but usually meets monthly. All meetings must be open to the public, and can only be closed for specific reasons. The time and place for board meetings and the mode of calling and conducting them must be fixed, and full and correct minutes must be kept.



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