Belleville reviewing Property Standards Bylaw in relation to heritage buildings

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| Published , updated February 1, 2024

March 2023 – Henderson Building Property Standards order issued

In March 2023, approximately a decade after the rear wall partially collapsed and a fence placed around the property for safety, a Property Standards Order (BEPS20230165) was issued to the owner indicating the property does not conform to the standards prescribed by the Property Standards By-law 2012-79.

The order included a list of required actions, including:

  • Clearing sidewalk of debris;
  • Providing a professional engineers report on structure integrity;
  • Complete restoration of all items listed in required engineering report;
  • Repair to exterior walls so as to be free of holes, cracks, or excessively worn surfaces;
  • Repair the facia and soffit;
  • All window openings must be fitted with exterior grade doors;
  • Repair roof;
  • Replace all exterior door openings;
  • Remove all loose and unsecured objects from roof; and
  • Remove all rubble and debris from back stairs.

November 14, 2023 – Council asks Staff to review Property Standards By-law for heritage buildings

Report PP-2023-49 recommended a review of Property Standards By-law 2012-79, which states that buildings must, among other requirements:

  • Be maintained in a structurally sound condition so as to be capable of sustaining safely its own weight and any load to which it may be subject. (4.1.1)
  • Materials, which have been damaged or show evidence of rot or other deterioration shall be repaired or replaced. (4.1.2)

Unoccupied buildings that are boarded up for a period of more than 3 months must either:

  • Be repaired and brought into conformity with sections 4 through 6 of this by-law within the next three (3) succeeding months, or
  • Be demolished and the property left in a graded and leveled condition (this is not an option due to the heritage designation)

Council approved the recommendation and directed staff to conduct a review:

THAT pursuant to Report No. PP-2023-49, By-law 2004-67 be repealed in its entirety to permit the demolition of the building located at 397-399 Front Street; AND THAT Staff review Property Standards By-law 2012-79 as it relates to designated heritage buildings.

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