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| Published , updated December 21, 2023

What is the Quinte Labour Council?

The Quinte Labour Council are a chartered body of the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC), which represents 3.5 million unionized Canadians. represents unionized members in Bay of Quinte region. support the principles and policies of the Canadian Labour Congress. They promote the interests of its affiliates and generally to advance the economic and social welfare of workers.

Who do they represent?

Who did they recommend in the 2022 municipal elections?

In the 2022 municipal elections, in they recommended:


  • Mitch Panciuk
  • Tyler Allsopp, Lisa Anne Chatten, Sean Kelly, Chris Malette, and Margaret Seu.
  • Paul Carr

Quinte West

  • Zack Card, Jim Alyea, Lorie Whaley
  • Egerton Boyce, Terry Cassidy, Hilary Robert

There were no recommendations made for mayor of Quinte West or Prince Edward County.

For the various school board trustee positions the Labour Council is recommending:

  • Joanne Belanger
  • Amanda Robertson
  • Hale Ferguson
  • Shamsa Brooks
  • Kandis Hambly

Contact information

  • 114 Victoria Ave, Belleville, ON K8N 2A8
  • 613-969-4357
  • quintelabourcouncil@gmail.com
  • https://quintelabour.ca/

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