Municipal websites are optional in Ontario

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| Published , updated January 18, 2024

Municipalities are increasingly offering services online and on mobile apps via self-service.

Digital services offered to residents 24/7/365 as part of good customer service and digital/online services improves staff efficiency.

How much does a municipal website cost?

In 2018, Collingwood paid [TBD] for the initial development and hosting of a website by Upanup Studios Inc. in Victoria, BC and paid an annual fee of $10,000 in 2022.

In 2019, Chatham-Kent approved $30,000 for the redesign of their website (in-house). However, a 2021 service delivery review for Chatham-Kent by KPMG found that navigating the Municipality’s website to find information is a challenge for some citizens. This results in citizens contacting their member of Council or customer service for support.

GHD Digital/eSolutionsGroup

  • Centre Wellington paid $21,583 in 2021 to eSolutionsGroup for their website and Constant Contact email software.
  • Burlington launched a redesigned website in 2022. The initial budgeted cost was $150,000, then $10,000 per year in operating costs.
  • Mississippi Mills

How much does iCompass CivicWeb cost?

iCompass CivicWeb software is a meeting agenda, minutes and records management software for municipalities for their staff, Council and the public.

In 2016, Centre Wellington paid $17,808 for Meeting Manager Pro.

In 2018, Sarnia added Digital Voting and Request to Speak to their iCompass CivicWeb meeting management software. The software licensing fee was $6,000 per year. This feature made it possible to automatically create an archive of voting records that can be made available on-demand to the public.

In 2019, New Tecumseth stated an annual licencing fee of $5,600 plus taxes would be required to incorporate Video Manager through CivicWeb.

In 2020, the County of Haliburton paid an $11,500.00 annual fee, Algonquin Highlands was quoted at $4,000 annually.

In 2022 Budget Requests, Collingwood was looking into alternative Agenda/Meeting Management Software, listing an amount of $17,100 for a software upgrade and stating:

Collingwood reported a $5,000 increase in agenda management software costs in their 2023 budget.

Clerk Services is looking at another provider of Agenda/Meeting Management System as the functionality of the iCompass system is lacking or is not user friendly. iCompass was purchased since utilizing the system and there has been no great upgrades or improvements made to the produce in the 5 years it has been used. Clerk Services is looking for a system that is more user friendly, provides the ability to collaborate in report writing and provides a better tracking system for agenda items to hopefully be able to use one system to track actions of council as well as upcoming agenda items. In reviewing the system provided by other vendors, Clerk staff feel that there will be opportunity for efficiencies and work collaboration.

How much does eScribeMeetings cost?

Greater Sudbury uses eSCRIBE Software Ltd.

How much does TownSuite cost?



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