Transportation Committee – Nov 24th 2021

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Garnet Thompson 0:23
Soon as Christine chimed in, we’ll get the meeting started, guys, everybody thank you Ernie can hear me. I can hear you. Thanks, Carol. Hi, Joe.

Hi, Tyler.

Tyler Allsop 0:55
I got it. Can you hear me as well?

Garnet Thompson 0:57
Yep. Perfect. Thank you. I’m at City Hall. Because I just left toms and Raniere to get to the meeting.

Tyler Allsop 1:05
Oh, perfect.

Carol Feeney 1:08
I’m joining you via zoom because there’s a problem with my keyboard on my computer. I punched the numbers and nothing happened. The letters and numbers nothing happens. It just keeps a little cursor going Bing Bing Bing. So I’m going to try it this way. It’s my first time so bear with me.

Garnet Thompson 1:25
Okay Howard was on we’ve lost Howard again. We make a note, Christine.

Christine Stewart 1:53
Oh, sorry. Yes. Sorry, guys. I have to switch to a different device. Just give me a second here.

Paul Carr 2:05
Mr. Chair, just a warning there that we’re currently broadcasting live on YouTube right now.

Garnet Thompson 2:11
Okay, thank you

Christine Stewart 2:42
Councillor Thompson, it’s Chris Stewart. I am now in the meeting. I just don’t have video for this meeting.

Garnet Thompson 2:48
Okay, so I was hoping you that. Okay, well, we’ll deal with the best we can. And thank everybody for joining in today’s meeting, and it’s 430. We’re going to call the meeting to order. And note. Christine has arranged no shows today for committee members.

Christine Stewart 3:13
No, I’m seeing in the part that all members are in attendance.

Garnet Thompson 3:18
Okay. Thank you, Christine. And item number three, disclosure, pecuniary interest and general nature thereof. Seeing none, we’ll go to item number four approval of the minutes from September 22 2021. And the draft minutes from separate 2021 Transportation Committee. I need a mover and a seconder for that. Once for all sup comes to recur. Any errors or omissions? Anybody opposed? The meanings are carried. Thank you very much. There’s no deputations today. And we have one report item in two categories. traffic calming pilot project, update, project manager’s report number, November 22 21. And the first one report to committee read traffic calming update, November 2020 21. Res edits. And in the second one report to committee traffic coming update September 21. So can we have staff? Take it from here?

Evan Cassidy 4:39
Hello, counselor, I am happy to speak to that just confirming everyone can hear me.

Garnet Thompson 4:46
I don’t see any nodes. So please go ahead, Devon. Thank you. Okay,

Evan Cassidy 4:51
thank you, Councillor Thompson.

Garnet Thompson 4:53
Has everybody got the copy of the report in front of them? Or does somebody need to share the screen Okay, Ivan Wavell Thank you.

Evan Cassidy 5:05
This report is an update and a follow up to the committee. From our report that was provided in September, just regarding the traffic calming pilot project. It’s provided just to be an update that we have the petitions have been sent out to residents and received, we had 40% of all of the petitions sent, were in support of traffic calming. And since then, we have completed a point assessment for village drive and confirm that the street does qualify for further review of traffic coming in based off of the city’s policy. And so we are moving ahead with that now. And so staff will be looking into different specific measures that we could look at, for village drive, be it something like speed bumps, or Lane narrowing or other potential options for the street, that we will be doing both an internal technical review and then consultation with staff or Operations and Emergency Departments, but as well as before having a public consultation. Ideally, sometime in the winter with next year.

Garnet Thompson 6:30
Any questions for Revin on? Now you’re dealing on number one and two at the same time, Evan are just number one,

Evan Cassidy 6:39
one and two at the same time? Yes, they’re there. The the second one is really the September report is really an addendum or if it were an appendix to the November report.

Garnet Thompson 6:51
Okay. Just any questions for Evan on the report or any questions on the going forward with it? So I’ll open it up to the floor. Okay, so, Evan, I have one question. And with this here, you’re the the staff is going back for further review. So when do you expect there could possibly be some sort of a traffic calming situation put into place? Would it be a year from now six months from now, two years from now?

Evan Cassidy 7:31
For construction timing, I would think we will be dependent. And so I know that there are discussions being had about regarding the capital budget right now. We I know that we won’t have a final design until likely the summer of next year, where we’d be able to have 10, like a package where we could potentially tender. So as far as as far as timing goes for next potential steps. That’s what I would see where we would be going right now, I don’t know if I could confirm a construction date at this time without being in the loop on where we’re in what financing is maybe available.

Garnet Thompson 8:25
Okay. Any other questions? I have one other one, then if nobody’s got? Is there anything that we can do on a temporary basis? To try to? Because this sounds like it certainly could be longer down the road than I would like to see. Is there anything temporarily that we can do to try and slow down the traffic on village drive? Because we all know, it’s success of and these residents are going to have to wait now maybe two years. So is there anything that you can see our staff can see possibly a temporary measure?

Evan Cassidy 9:09
I would refer to a colleague and general manager read on the who’s on the who’s on the call if preheat perhaps may have some ideas regarding an operational standpoint for transport for potential transportation or traffic calming impacts. I know from an engineering Capital Projects perspective, it our timelines generally are longer. Yep. So I I I would ask General Manager read if he has any comments that he may be able to provide highlights on that.

Garnet Thompson 9:45
Mr. Reid, manager reader can you want to comment and Nick are on that situation?

Joe Reid 9:52
Yeah, through the chair to 12 committee members. You know, ultimately, you know, we want to follow the the policy You know, it is a bit of a challenge to put some temporary measures in like, there are some speed bumps that you can put in that are nailed in place. But they do I mean, we’re going into the winter season, the ones that are nailed in are really a permanent fixture. So once we go through the process, and if, you know, obviously, if the committee determines that village drive is the appropriate Street to move forward with a pilot project, we can work with, with engineering on coming up with even just some type of mitigating measures to to get us through until permanent solutions found.

Garnet Thompson 10:35
Okay. That’s for also.

Tyler Allsop 10:39
Yes, thank you Chair and following up on that, obviously, you know, this is a pilot project, and we’re excited to get going on it and see the results on village drive. My question is that, you know, once you’ve gotten through this first phase, the pilot project, we have things installed on village drive, is that going to set a template that’s then easier to roll out on other city streets? You know, particularly, I’ve had some people asking about Tracy Park and Yeomans Street. Once we get through this first exercise in the pilot project, is this going to make it easier for us on a moving forward basis to add these types of features to other city streets?

Stephen Ashton 11:15
Sorry, if I can answer that question. Yeah, please. So I think, going through this process, and well, it seems like a small undertaking, I think it takes up probably almost as much time as a regular project in certain ways. So I think the best thing is there said mentioned it before is, you know, Evan will sort of report back determine what his staff resources, sort of his time spent on this project has been, and then what the overall cost is, and then I think maybe we could look at what we do in general in the engineering versus Do we have the excess capacity to sort of lead up and do other projects like that. So that’ll sort of come back to council, I guess, through report. But, again, we’ll have to sort of go, we have to complete this project before we know what the implications are from a financial perspective, not just in terms of what the project costs, but, you know, doing the consultation, etc. That was doing right now. So we’ll have a better idea once the project is done.

Garnet Thompson 12:24
Okay, councilors, I was upset. Okay. My question and maybe now more to Steve or reven. In the projects that possibly will be put forward on the capital budget for next year. And we do design streets and everything. Are we seriously looking at traffic calming situations on future designs of the roads now? Or is that going to be further down? Maybe anything that’s done in 2022? Are we going to have some of that traffic calming, put into place? Or is that look like 2023 or 2024?

Stephen Ashton 13:11
I think certs are just so big engineering, one of their first requirements and what their ethical responsibilities is for public safety. So it’s always part of the process. So I think any project that’s underway, there’s currently projects at various stages or starting this year. So you know, they always kind of go through that scope. But in terms of what I think you’re talking about, could there be enhanced, enhanced, sort of a scope of which traffic calming could be reviewed in? So I think the answer to that is, I believe it’s our operating budget, we’ll put forward a budget item for an update to the Active Transportation Plan, transfer transportation Master Plan, which will have have a complete streets component to it. So that would be the place where we would see if there’s an opportunity for enhancements at that point, so that’s kind of how we would sort of immerse it into it so we could look at stuff at that point in time such as purse prefer just as an example traffic circles as traffic calming as opposed to, you know, as opposed to sort of capacity sort of .

Garnet Thompson 14:38
Okay. Okay, thank you, everybody. Any other questions for Evan or Steven or Joe on that particular items? If not, I need a mover and a seconder to receive both of those. Cancer all SAP And Councillor Feeney. Any buddy opposed to accepting them? Not, that’s carried. Thank you. Thank you staff. Thank you board members and information items. We have two of them and I Sorry, I was going to add two or three items, but I’ll add them later on under new business that I’m going to bring up. But the first one is correspondence received from residents regarding amendments to parking restrict regulations, mirror near Belleville General Hospital correspondence amendments to parking regulations near belval. General Hospital. So Christine, do you want to chime in on the letter? I think we all got a copy of it. Christine?

Christine Stewart 15:48
Yes, thank you, Councillor Thompson. The letter was provided to my office through the city clerk’s office, and I believe it was at the request of counsel that it’d be shared with the members of the transportation committee.

Garnet Thompson 16:06
So as everybody got a copy of the letter are seeing the copy of the letter. Anybody got any concerns? Want to speak about the the concerns this particular person has? Down on the parking on first, second, and third not situation down there? Councillor Kerr?

Paul Carr 16:29
Yes. Thank you, Mr. Chair, just for reminder sake, did we not implement a parking pass system where residents were provided a parking pass for that area?

Garnet Thompson 16:44
I understood. I think I’ll get at Christine to answer that.

Christine Stewart 16:48
Yeah. Thank you. Through the Chair to Councillor Carr. There is currently a what we refer to as a pilot project for residential permits in the area, the information was communicated to the residents. I say earlier in the spring or late spring, early summer is ongoing. I can just vary with I haven’t looked recently, but the uptake on that really has been very minimal. Since in that time, not many homeowners are seem to have a need for a permit. We will continue with the pilot project in because of the possibility that once the area signage changes and includes Saturdays and Sundays, the residents may have more need for a permit.

Paul Carr 17:41
Okay. Yeah, cuz it would appear as though the resident is concerned about the ability to park on the street and mentions that when they have visitors to their home that they park on the road and take a chance of a quote, parking ticket. But if they’re able to have a permit, then that would would negate any kind of chance of a ticket. Is that correct?

Christine Stewart 18:07
That is correct. They can apply the permits are all available available through a digital process. And there’s no cost at the present time during this pilot project for that permit.

Paul Carr 18:19
Okay, and sorry, go ahead.

Christine Stewart 18:23
No, and as I indicated, there’s really hasn’t been a lot of activity with the permits. In that particular area. I think we’ve issued I think, on a regular basis, maybe two or three per month to the same resident. Okay, and the same three residents.

Paul Carr 18:44
Right. And just last question, and maybe perhaps this is, in addition to not being aware is if the resident isn’t tech savvy, if you will, and didn’t have the ability to do an online process, no issue with contacting City Hall to get assistance with an appropriate residential parking pass?

Christine Stewart 19:05
That’s correct. They could contact City Hall, we would assist them or walk them through the process or take the information and upload the data on their behalf.

Unknown Speaker 19:14
Okay. All right. Thank you, Mr.

Garnet Thompson 19:17
So what the advice would be then to contact this particular person and advise them about the parking pass? Would that be the wishes of the the committee to advise this lady that or this person, that there is this available and tried to see if that works better for rather than trying to change? Counselor Feeny?

Carol Feeney 19:43
The point I was trying to make is that because the letter was handwritten, I think it would be safe to assume that this person does not have access to a computer. So I think it would be you know, good for us to get in touch with that person and walk them through.

Garnet Thompson 19:58
Okay. So So is that all right with the board members that we leave staff to conduct this person, I explained to her that we have the Perkin pass, and hopefully, this will mitigate some of the issues that she has with the tickets. so with your permission, then I’ll instruct Christine to have some dialogue with this person. Okay, thank you. And, and the only other thing on the list is the outstanding items. And then there’s going to be some dialogue and some other stuff. But any of the outstanding items that staff would like to speak about. Counsel occur.

Paul Carr 20:54
Yes, thank you, Mr. Chair. I’ll make a motion to receive it. And then I’ve got some questions on some of the items.

Garnet Thompson 20:59
Yeah. Thank you. Motion to received by Councillor Carr, we need a seconder. Come through all set. Councillor cart?

Paul Carr 21:08
Yes, thank you. So just bear with me as I go through a couple of these, as they kind of have been there for a while. The photo radar and stoplight cameras, perhaps maybe. And I know that RFP was recently issued, perhaps maybe some notes could be just added to that outstanding item list and an RFP was sent out and the date just for committee members and anybody else, they can at least track what’s going on with that particular initiative. And I’ll just leave that there. And as I go through some of them, airport Parkway, and there’s going to be a theme. It’s obviously related to speeding concerns is probably every other council member continue to get calls and emails about speeding in different areas. So airport Parkway, there was supposed to be a speeds by data report and findings. I can’t recall whether that ever came through to us. And if it did, then obviously can come off if it’s still outstanding. Could somebody tell me?

Garnet Thompson 22:10
We’d like to talk about

Barry Lannin 22:13
I believe that under my mind, sound through the chair, counselor car. We’re still working. Working on can you hear me? All right? Yep. They’re still being worked on. Currently, I only have one member who’s qualified for the speeds by analysis. He’s off on course. And we did get caught up in a battery issue and ordering batteries for device as well as a somewhat of a hectic summer with some serious motor vehicle collision investigations. So they were trying their best again, but Well, hope to get them to you.

Paul Carr 22:47
Okay, well, yeah, that’d be good for the committee just to report back to the public. So next one, Mr. Chair, then looking at Tirmidhi Road East transportation operations was put up display sign and report results to the committee and numbers that counts for car. That’s number seven. Thank you. And if I could just get an update. I know we got accidents to statistics, but the displacement and I was wondering if that’s ever been circulated? And if we have any data on that one.

Joe Reid 23:21
threw the chair to Councillor car. We did have the speed sign for a bit. And I’ll report back next committee meeting with what the results of that my apologies,

Paul Carr 23:33
no, no, don’t apologize. I know that this committee and other committees and councils a whole give everybody a lot of work to do. So. I’m just going through them just to see where we’re at. The other one that I was looking for on this list, there’s two more actually Mr. Chair, the new electronic speed displays I believe that transportation operations was looking at purchasing some extra ones. And I was wondering if those have been purchased and implemented out yet. Mr. Reid

Joe Reid 24:08
I do know that two POS were issued for the purchase and I’ll just have to check with the traffic guys if they did come in and and go from there. I know. It was a bit of a lead time delay to get them a few weeks or eight weeks I think so. I’m not sure if they’re in yet. But I’ll I’ll report back.

Paul Carr 24:26
Okay, and I know like everything else delivery and supply chains are quite disrupted and anything like Tronic for that matter has some delays, but that would be good. And then when they do come in, and I’ll just leave this with with Mr. Reid, I’m Ashley street can often road north harmony Road and Airport Parkway are all areas where I’m getting some complaints and certainly, Sergeant Landon can take note of that but at least in terms of putting out some signage and see if we can remind drivers of the the speed limit and maybe collect some data there as well. The last item I have Mr. Chairs actually Street and the truck traffic concerns, operations was to conduct a traffic study and report the results. And I just wondering if that has been undertaken yet, or what the status is.

Joe Reid 25:18
That was going to be a part of our having the sign out there and collecting data and then having to sign up for speed. So we’ll have a report back in January.

Paul Carr 25:28
Okay. Great. Thank you. Thank you, Mr. Chair.

Garnet Thompson 25:32
Thank you, Miss counselor car, I’ve got one. Number 10. Stop signs in first North Street and North Street first Bay drive and village drive staff to engineer drop rate and review the area operations and engineering. I’m still getting questions from my fellow counselor. What’s happening with those? Those stop signs whether we’re going to install them, or what’s the update, so I can update him and then he can update the person that’s been asking him this green? I know he’s thinking.

Joe Reid 26:16
Yes, we have taken that one I do know is on the we’re trying to get a report back and get back to you. So I’ll, I’ll report back via an email. So you can get back to the resident but I’ll also update the committee in January.

Garnet Thompson 26:31
Okay, so I will tell him this still in. And then number number nine potential locations consideration for community safety zones. report outlining the criteria applied when designating a community safety zone. I presume that’s ongoing. It says police and operations. I presume that’s an ongoing issue. Maria Jo.

Joe Reid 27:02
Yes, it is Garnet.

Garnet Thompson 27:04
Okay. Any comment bearing? Nope. Okay, thank you. Any other items from committee members? Howard, you’re going to ask about firm road. Speed limit? Can’t hear you, Howard? No, you’re not coming across our sorry. So all last confer Howard. Just just in case he can’t come across. What’s happening with firm road for speed limit? I know there was discussion about speed limits. Rain being reduced during construction. Is that still a possibility? Mr. Reid, or Steve Ashton? Or whoever it might be? Howard was the one that asked me this. Just the other day.

Stephen Ashton 28:19
I think what you were talking about was a pass a resolution, I believe to put the speed limit reduce the speed limit in advance of the construction occurring. But well, I guess, Joe, and I can probably speak to that RSP offline about how to sort of move that forward.

Garnet Thompson 28:43
Okay. All right. We’ll leave that Howard. Is that okay? Sorry, I can’t hear you. Councillor car.

Paul Carr 28:51
Yeah, thank you. This was debated at Council, as a recommendation came from this committee. And there was either there was to be a bylaw drafted to ensure that the speed limit was listed at 50. Because again, there was some confusion about what the speed limit was based on the fact that it may fall under the Thurlow traffic bylaw versus the city of Belleville. But not to muddy the waters. But the city clerk during debate at Council indicated that a bylaw should be passed to clear up any misunderstandings make Farnum road entirely 50 kilometers. And then because of that change, I requested that sign be posted to reflect the 50 Kilometer hour zone. And I know that Mr. Palmer had raised this issue and we had moved that motion through this committee on the council and a bylaw, I believe was drafted.

Joe Reid 29:47
Well, we’ll touch base with Matt McDonald to see where that sat for implementation of the bylaw. If that was the case. I don’t quite recall but I will talk to Matt. Okay, thank

Garnet Thompson 29:57
you. Okay, any other committee members got questions on any one of the other items? Or does any staff want to report on anyone? Mr. Reid?

Joe Reid 30:12
Councillor Thompson? Were you going to bring up under new business? The pilot RFP that was issued or as, as this kind of issue listed as items?

Garnet Thompson 30:25
Yeah, no, I was going to bring up the RFP. Once we got through this. This list here, if there’s no other questions on that particular list, I would ask if and I know it’s everybody’s busy as a beehive. If there’s, if an on the number of If staff could even just make a note under each one of them still in process. And some little note on each one of them before, our meeting, doesn’t have to be lengthy because I know the police are busy Mr. Reid’s busy, Stephens busy, all staff is busy, but it would certainly help. If we could just get a couple of points on each item. Before the meeting, I think it would just help us. And, you know, it’d be prayers for the meeting a little better. And some sort of fortunate in that way. If we have that information. Then if staffs or members still like to ask questions, at least we have a little bit. So if I get asked staff to, and the police to see if they could make point forming each one of them before each meeting. Is that possible? Barry and Joe and Steve?

Evan Cassidy 31:43
So you could just clarify what you’re requesting. And I count

Garnet Thompson 31:47
on each one of them? Like there’s, I don’t know. I mean, there’s 18, or 19. So if you, if you’re, if your category is noted there, like, for instance, number one or number two, police engineering, if you could just have sort of a quick note in there just a couple of words of what’s gone on with it. And even if you just say still in progress, at least it gives us some sort of a an idea of what’s happening with each one of those items. I don’t want us to spend a lot of time on it. Because these are all busy. So that okay, Barry.

Barry Lannin 32:24
Yes, thank you for the clarification. Thank you.

Garnet Thompson 32:28
Okay. And I just missed my Okay, under new business. If there’s nothing else, I need a motion to receive the outstanding items. counts are all set and comes for current. And anybody opposed? Carried. Thank you. And other new business. Two of them already come up. And that was the stop signs in 10. Town is Chris Black calls it and the speed limit on firm road. And and our God will speak to that later. I’ll give you a call. And because I know, we can’t hear you. The other thing is the RFP for the that just went out. So I’m going to give it to Joe read because I know it started with Christine. And it was handed over to Joe for some final. So Joe, you want to take it away then with the RFP for the red lights in the speeding and the cameras for the buses. Mr. Reid?

Joe Reid 33:37
Yeah, I’d be happy to give the committee an update on on where we’re at for that. So in the I guess the beginning, I guess a couple of weeks ago or a week ago, it was issued a request for proposal through our finance department for automatic automated traffic enforcement pilot project. So we’re seeking, you know, information or proposals from vendors that can provide different things a part of the terms of reference that was issued was to do have have a part of the proposal red light intersection, camera enforcement, as also automated speed enforcement and the school bus stop arm enforcement. So those three items are we’re gathering information proposals from vendors. And then once that’s done, the closing date for the tender is December, December the eighth I did actually receive this this week a request from a vendor I think it was from global to extend the closing date until the end of December to give a little bit more time for them to prepare an adequate proposal for the city’s consideration. So that that being said we at this point I haven’t had any other questions so we’ve kept the the date at that. But if there’s other questions that come forward that, then in the submission date, we’ll consider that. So we’re looking forward to getting getting back these proposals and then being able to present them to the committee.

Garnet Thompson 35:15
Any questions? Mr. Reid, many members, council members, so on the extended date, then we’re leaving it as December 8, are we extending it?

Joe Reid 35:28
At this point, we’re leaving December the eighth. But I did want to just bring that highlight that if there are some questions that, you know, provide that are more technical in nature that you know, the vendors. So what takes place to just give you guys a little bit of a context is that vendors can ask questions, submit questions, and then what ends up happening is that the questions are, then an addendum is sent out. So all vendors who would submit bids have the cab that are able to hear the same question get the same answer that other vendors are so it’s completely fair, right? So if a question comes in that, you know, that we didn’t think about or a little more complex, that, you know, would warrant extending the date, we will consider it at this point, the only question I’ve received is, can we extend the date? And, you know, it’s really been out for two to three weeks. So I don’t think at this point, it warrants extended it. But if there is a technical question that comes in before the deadline for questions, which is December the first, we will, we’ll take that into consideration. Hey, very servicemember. Sorry.

Barry Lannin 36:34
Thank you, Councillor Thompson, that through to Mr. Reid, was, when I read through this. One thing that kind of jumped out. And it’s loosely covered, but I could probably see it. My big concern for any vendor is reaching any established agreements with the government for access to drivers information. Did any thing get indicated to you or whether they’re having any cooperation with the Government in regards to that?

Garnet Thompson 37:00
I’ve not heard any concerns in that regard. Very.

Barry Lannin 37:06
Thank you. I have not spoke with the vendor anyways, that came but I, when I read that I figured it said that a turnkey with a back Back Office solution. I know that’s something unless the vendors already in an agreement with the Ministry for that data securement and stuff that might be a big stumbling block for some vendors, new to the industry anyways.

Garnet Thompson 37:31
Okay, thank you. Any questions? Any other questions from? So I think everybody got a copy of their ISP. I asked Christine to send and I know she sent it to me that every board member get a copy of the RFP. So they can read it. She sent it out. If she didn’t send it out to everybody. Do you guys want a copy of their RFP? Just to review it? Did everybody get one? Can I’m sure ends? So, Carl, you didn’t you should have your check. You should have gotten in within the next couple of days. Or maybe maybe even it was just today or yesterday summer? Because I’ll check party would you check for them cancer, Feeny. But there’s a lot of reading there. But I just thought it was important for the board members to see the RFP. I thought it was coming to the board before it went out. But I don’t know the protocol. So we’ll see it when it comes back with the input from the vendor. So. So any other questions on the RFP? Go, sir, Mr. Reid?

Joe Reid 38:43
Yeah, if the if you know, if committee members do see anything, that that you want to highlight, or you have concerns to always reach out to us, we’re always taking things into consideration. So feel free to reach out to me.

Garnet Thompson 38:58
And in talking to Christine, I understand that it was a fairly big job getting an RFP ready for this type of an RFP because of all the details that you would have to include in that, that surgeon berry would just, you know, just one little note that he found. So I understand it was fairly extensive to get this ready, Joel?

Joe Reid 39:22
Yes, you know, I do want to give credit to Christine Stewart who worked with work behind the scenes to get the the base of it going and, and it was great. And you know, we are very fortunate that we’re a part of the Ontario traffic council as well that you know, was able to provide information and again, this is a trend that’s going not only here in Belleville, but across, you know, Ontario and across Canada. So you know, there’s other people that have been working on it too. So it’s been able to good, good networking opportunity to reach out and get information from other other municipality so.

Garnet Thompson 39:55
Okay, that’s good. Any other questions for staff? For anybody concerning their pee, or is there anything else under new business that people would like to bring up? Councillor Austin? Thank you. You’re, you’re off. You’re, you’re muted. Are we good? Yeah, we are.

Tyler Allsop 40:21
There we go. Beautiful. So just as a quick item, I received this just before the committee met today and start part of what we already talked about. It’s a concern from someone on Tracy Park Drive. Questions about traffic calming, but understand will wait for some of that info to come back. But they did make notice that after the construction was done at the northwest corner, a 50 Kilometer sign had been placed right behind that, but that the rest of the street was posted at 40 kilometers an hour. I was just wondering if staff were aware of that if they can report back with a comment. And then the other part of it was they’re asking about speed studies. I think that there was a speed study that was done recently enough on Tracy Park. I just wonder your staff could send that to me after the committee meeting whenever they have availability, just so I can get back to to the the resident.

Garnet Thompson 41:13
So Mr. Reid, would you like to report or comment on the two speed signs? Or do you want to get back to Mr. Also, comes her also. Later.

Joe Reid 41:23
Yeah, we’ll have to have to investigate it. Again. I thank you for passing along. Counselor, l SAP. And we’ll also look for records and not we’ll talk to diberi in the police have they’ve done some speed stuff, Spy studies, err and get that data to you.

Tyler Allsop 41:40
Wonderful. Thank you very much. I’ll pass that along.

Garnet Thompson 41:43
Sir. Yeah. Through the chairs, right.

Evan Cassidy 41:46
Was it? Tracy Park Drive or Tracy? St.

Tyler Allsop 41:48
Tracey Park Drive? Thank ya. That’s an important clarification.

Garnet Thompson 41:53
Thank you. And Mr. Reid. The no parking signs that we were going to install on Coleman right up to the end of that street? Because we, because of that one constituent concern about no parking on our side? Have we continued the no parking signs till the end of that Coleman Street? Or what’s the protocol with that, because I keep getting emails from her.

Joe Reid 42:22
So just for the for all the committee as well. So currently, we’ve looked at Coleman Street, it is signed appropriately as part of the bylaw, the resident who has been contacted contacting us, you know, as per our as a part of our Terms of Reference in our program process. We are she has gathered a petition, as you can appreciate, some are for and some are for are against any more restrictions on that street. So it’s not a complete, I guess, slam dunk on on signing it. Now part of the next process is to for staff to evaluate and consider consider if there are, I guess, warrants. So following the terms of reference, so that’s what we’re at right now, from a staff point of view, and just seeing that there’s want to put no parking through that area.

Garnet Thompson 43:14
Yeah. And what it is, is, there’s no parking up to a certain point on common and then from one point further on, the bylaws, states that and certain spot, and she wanted to go further up on Coleman street. So we’ve been dealing with this person for some time now and trying to get the thing rectified. And I thank you, Mr. Reid for doing what you’re doing so and accounts that anybody would like to discuss for the crabs petition to me. If Krisztian

Christine Stewart 43:53
Councillor THOMPSON No, I don’t have anything else to bring up at this time. Okay,

Stephen Ashton 43:58
Mr. Ashton? Thank you. Thank you. I haven’t.

Comments from me. Thank you.

Garnet Thompson 44:11
Okay, excellent. Okay, if there’s nothing other than the committee members, we will not be meeting in December, we’ll meet January 26, at 430. And it will still be by zoom unless we decide to change it. You know, with this particular committee, we can do zoom. And we may, if it works out with the broadcasting it this way, we may do all of them in the future because I think it’s a good idea to give that opportunity to the people to be able to watch it, see what’s going on. And maybe from there, they’ll have more questions for us in long run. So I want to wish everybody Merry Christmas that I want to see before any I need a motion to adjourn. Terrassa counterfeiting Anybody opposed that’s carried Thank you very much good night folks

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