Kingston Homelessness and Housing Advisory – 8 Feb

by | Published , updated Jul 6, 2024

This meeting summary was written by Parth Pasnani & GPT and originally published here. You can subscribe to Kingston Townhall Tracker here.

Main topic of discussion was plan for the 2024 year

The Homelessness and Housing advisory committee on 8 Feb 2024 discussed the following points. Meeting details can be found here.

Members present: Councillor Brandon Tozzo, Councillor Gregory Ridge

  1. Housing and Homelessness Advisory Committee (HHAC) Input for 2024-2025: The committee discussed the work items for 2024-2025, emphasizing the importance of direct advisory roles towards the council, especially concerning housing and homelessness. The staff sought input on additional items beneficial for discussion, highlighting the committee's transition from meeting a few times a year to a bi-monthly schedule to provide more timely advice to the council.

  2. Updates on Housing Initiatives: The committee planned to bring forward updates on the end of operating mortgages in the social housing sector and the homelessness system review process. They also discussed looking into cross-departmental input for housing solutions, including artist housing and affordable housing programs with climate change considerations.

  3. Public Engagement and Data Utilization: There was a focus on utilizing the 'Get Involved ' platform for public feedback on various projects and the importance of data in decision-making, especially from those with lived experiences.

  4. Homelessness System Review: The committee discussed updates on the homelessness system, including a potential briefing on the By-Names List (BNL), a real-time list of all known homeless individuals in the community.

  5. Housing Accelerator : The city received $27 million in funding to invest in housing, aiming to accelerate housing developments. The funding will support various initiatives, including planning, infrastructure, and affordable housing components.

  6. By-Names List (BNL) Data Discussion: The committee reviewed the BNL data, noting a stabilization in the number of unhoused individuals. The discussion covered the registration process for the BNL, the proportion of the unhoused population captured by the BNL, and how different service providers, including mental health services, contribute to the list.

  7. Community Data Accessibility: The city's collaboration with Queen's University on a public-facing dashboard was mentioned, allowing community access to real-time data across various city services.

This meeting summary was written by Parth Pasnani & GPT and originally published here. You can subscribe to Kingston Townhall Tracker here.

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