March 25 Council Agenda Highlights

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| Published , updated March 25, 2024

Regular City of Belleville Council Meeting to be held on March 25 at 4 p.m. Watch in person at Belleville City Hall Council Chambers or online at

Correspondence, Reports and Consent Items

  • Surplus and Deficit Management Policy
  • Reserve and Reserve Fund Policy
  • Acceptance of aboveground services for Riverstone Subdivision
  • Temporary noise permit application from Meyer’s Pier Patio & BBQ Inc.
  • Request for a municipal by-law officer from EKORT Property Management
  • Request for a municipal by-law officer from Maxama Protection Inc.
  • Recommendations from the Grant Committee
  • Proposed detox centre
  • Resolution from the Municipality of Brighton expressing support for the migration of ride-share regulations and licensing from the municipal level to the provincial level; and a formal request for the Government of Ontario to initiate the transfer of responsibilities in the interest of creating a more coherent and standardized regulatory framework for ride-sharing services across the province.
  • Resolution from the Township of Amaranth calling on the Province of Ontario to treat all municipalities fairly and provide equivalent representative operational budget funding amounts to all Ontario municipalities.
  • Resolution from the Town of Bracebridge calling on the Province of Ontario to commit to undertaking, with the Association of Municipalities of Ontario, a comprehensive social and economic prosperity review to promote the stability and sustainability of municipal finances across Ontario.


The full agenda can be viewed here:


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