Celebrating One Year of the Workplace Inclusion Charter

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| Published , updated March 26, 2024

March 2024 marks the first anniversary of the City of Belleville’s adoption of the Workplace Inclusion Charter.

Introduced by the City of Belleville’s Economic Development Department in collaboration with the Quinte Local Immigration Partnership, the Workplace Inclusion Charter encourages local employers and organizations to implement inclusive employment strategies that build equitable and prosperous workplaces.

The City of Belleville was the first signatory to the Workplace Inclusion Charter and since then a total of 19 workplaces have declared their commitment to a workplace action plan that embraces equity, diversity and inclusion. Over the next year, the City of Belleville will continue to promote the adoption of the Workplace Inclusion Charter and celebrate those businesses and organizations that have taken steps towards an inclusive workplace. As the City looks into the future, growing a diverse and inclusive community is essential for attracting and retaining top talent and is key to sustaining economic growth.

For more information about the Workplace Inclusion Charter visit Belleville.ca/Inclusion or contact Victoria Watts, Business Growth and Retention Specialist, at vwatts@belleville.ca.

“The Workplace Inclusion Charter embodies our City’s commitment to building a healthy and diverse community that creates opportunities for all,” said Mayor Neil Ellis. “By championing inclusivity in the workplace, we not only enrich our business community but also strengthen the social fabric of our city. “

“Inclusive workplace practices in diverse workplaces present significant business advantages and opportunities for businesses and organizations who embrace them,” says Victoria Watts, City of Belleville Business Growth and Retention Specialist. “By employing inclusive workplace practices, employers can access the widest possible talent pool and capitalize on the different skills, experiences and knowledge of their diverse employees. This has been proven to increase business innovation and creativity and contribute significantly to overall business performance.”

Source: https://www.belleville.ca/en/news/celebrating-one-year-of-the-workplace-inclusion-charter.aspx

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