Automated Speed Enforcement Coming to Belleville

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| Published , updated April 10, 2024

The City of Belleville is set to introduce Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) signage starting April 15, 2024, in anticipation of the program’s official launch on July 15, 2024.

ASE is a technology-driven approach to enforcing speed limits which utilizes cameras to detect vehicles traveling above the posted speed limits and issues tickets to violators accordingly. By deploying ASE, Belleville aims to create safer roadways, reduce accidents and promote responsible driving habits among motorists.

The installation of ASE signage will serve as a visual reminder for motorists to adhere to speed limits, encouraging compliance with traffic regulations. These signs will be strategically placed in areas identified as high-risk zones for speeding or frequent traffic violations. “Coming Soon” signage will be placed 90 days prior to the date that the speed cameras will go live.

The implementation of ASE aligns with Belleville’s commitment to prioritizing road safety and promoting responsible driving behaviors. It reinforces the City’s dedication to fostering a secure and livable community for all its residents.

Residents and motorists are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the upcoming ASE signage and comply with speed limits to ensure the effectiveness of the program in enhancing road safety.

For more information about the initiative, please contact Transportation and Operations at 613-967-3275 or


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